• The "Guitar Hero" series for the Nintendo Wii is series of games that involve the player's use of a simple model guitar. This guitar is used as the game's controller and has color-coded buttons, which coincide with the "notes" shown on the television screen. To play the game, you will need the game's disc, a Wii console, a Wii remote control and a guitar. The guitar generally comes with the game's disc.

    Sync button on the console

    To begin play, you must sync the remote control to your Wii console. To do so, you'll need to locate two buttons, both of which are red. One control is in your remote control, while the other is on the main console itself. First, locate the button on the Wii. Find and open the door that covers the SD card slot under the "reset" button. Push the red button that is just above the slot for the SD memory card.

    Sync button on the remote

    While in range of the remote's sensor bar and in view of the television screen, open the battery panel on the back of your remote. Push the small red button labeled "sync" on the right-hand side. You should see all four blue lights (numbered one through four) on the front of the remote flashing. Once the remote is "synced" with the console, the single light will remain steady, designating which numbered player will be controlled with that particular remote.

    Add guitar

    Once the remote is in sync with the console, insert it into the guitar controller. Flip the guitar face down and open the removable panel. Remove the cover and insert the Wii remote. Plug in the remote with the power cord found inside this slot (connected to the guitar). The buttons on the face of the remote should be face down to the floor, to face the guitar's front controls. Finally, replace the cover. You are now ready to follow the game's instructions. Insert the game disc and begin.


    Nintendo: Wii instructional manual

    Guitar Hero instruction manual

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