• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: An Effecient Design

    The kettlebell weight's design (which originally comes from traditional Russian weight training) is unique in that its particular shape offers a different kind of strength exercise from normal weights. According to Josh Henkin, a conditioning specialist writing on, one of the benefits of the kettlebell's design is "the ability to perform many different hybrid exercises. With a dumbbell the movements are not as smooth or easy to perform because of its shape. The kettlebell allows one to transition to many various exercises very quickly."

    On the Other: The Potential Dangers

    Kettlebells are made of iron, which makes them very heavy, and they are not available in as many weight levels as traditional weights, increasing the danger of working with weights that are too heavy. If the kettlebells are too heavy for you, you will also be less likely to continue your regimen. Lastly, the off-set center of gravity provided by kettlebells make incidents of dropping more common. Kettlebells may be effective, but require being very careful, and operating with the direction of a professional. TC Lee, a certified kettlebell instructor on the Australian television program "The Biggest Loser," uses his blog to warn: "[they] can break your back, hurt your wrist, rip the skin off your hands and many others. Only if you have bad techniques. To avoid all the pain and sorrow, please get a fully qualified kettlebell instructor."

    Bottom Line

    Kettlebells may be effective, but require extreme care, and use under the direction of a professional. Kettlebells are generally heavier than regular weights, so working with them is like sprinting rather than jogging. Be careful, and consult a professional when using this exercise regimen.

    Source: Kettlebells--Should You Use Them Why is "The Biggest Loser" Show Using the Kettlebell?

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