• Fancy Feast is a Purina product and was not affected by the recent pet food recall.
  • Fancy feast cat food does not appear to be on the FDA recall list:
  • I have been giving both of my cats Fancy Feast for the last four or five months. Now my oldest cat Cocoa who is almost 7 is very sick. He is walking around super slow and acting very strange and lethargic. He won't eat and kind of looks at his food but won't eat it anymore. We brought him to the vet the other day who said she really couldn't tell what was wrong without doing blood work which would have cost me $200 that I didn't have. He is not getting better however so I will have to bring him to another vet I can afford. Coincidentally, when the vet asked me what kind of cat food we feed him, she asked me specifically if I fed him Fancy Feast. I was feeding them that until today. I was giving them the expensive gourmet selections kind thinking they were eating like Kings. Now I feel terrible. I never thought it was his food because how could the stores be sellling it if something was wrong with it. Looking back, he threw up several times (along with my other cat once) since I've been giving it to him, but I thought it was because he was just puking up a hairball because he was eating less of the Purina One Hairball formula I've been giving them both. I wish I would have NEVER switched to giving them both that with Fancy Feast. After reading everyone else who's cats are sick who eat Fancy Feast I am really scared now. I pray he will be okay and everyone who reads this PLEASE don't take the chance on the Fancy Feast.
  • My cat has been eating Fancy Feast Gourmet Chicken since she began eating and I've never had a problem with her. She has never had any bowel problems or lethargy. Make sure there is nothing else around that your cat could've gotten into.You would be amazed what they get into.
  • it's high in fat and calories
  • My siamese cat had been getting sick (throwing up) near daily on her fancy feast canned diet. She has been on it for years, but has only been getting sick in the last 8 months or so. She would throw up immediately after eating. I assumed it was hairballs or a sensitive stomach and didnt think it was the food. Every time I go to the vet, they say that fancy feast is "fine". The last time I went to the vet, I had the fortune of getting a fill in vet- he was a spcialist in animal nutrition (most vets are clueless in this department) and he said get her off it ASAP. I took his advice and put her on wellness which is no bi product and no fillers or junk. Its been months and she has not thrown up ONCE. I have been reading other stories that are very familiar- the throwing up, the lethargy- she was sleeping all day and I cant think its a coincidence. She is a NEW cat. She has been playing, running around and not lethargic and sleeping constantly. I feel terrible that I was feeding her something that was making her sick for so long- I had no idea. I am so thankful for the vet that told me to stop feeding it to her!
  • I nave always fed my cat fancy feast turkey giblets and thought that her throwing and diarrhea up was from old age. I found a stray kitten who was reasonably healthy except for fleas. I began feeding him fancy feast and he began to have the same symptoms as my older cat. Finally it got so bad that he had to go to the emergency room. They couldn't figure out what the problem was. he was dripping mucous instead of normal stools. i was desperate so i changed the cat food to proirity.he almost immediately became better as did my older cat.My older cat hasn't thrown up once or had diarrhea. I'm sure it was the fancy feast and have been checking for reacall notices.
  • Nope, very fatty and lots of chemicals look at the least of stuff and additives. Best bet pet store food not super market food.
  • my cat, who appears fine, eats both their dry and occasionally wet/can foods. He's been on others but appears to like FF best. It IS very fatty and greasy, -the dry even leaves residue on my hands but he gets a LOT of exercise, and is slim and trim, esp. for a middle-ager, and has no vomit issues whatsoever.
  • I have a cat with hyperthyroism and she seems to do fine on it, with some other cheaper brands give her dirreah
  • Have been feeding my cat Fancy Feast Tuna with gravy... am going to stop now... thanks for the replies
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      Please see my answer and, yeah, tuna with gravy is not that great. What it /is/ good for is if your cat needs a jumpstart in eating, like if they have a URI or otherwise stuffy nose. My vet calls that "stinky fish" and often cats who won't eat anything else will eat that.
  • Fancy Feast classic (the pate) is surprisingly good food for the price, comparable to some more expensive foods. The pate has a good meat content with comparably low carbs for its price. The stuff with gravy, the shreds, etc. are nowhere near as good. If you can afford a higher quality food, that's great, but FF classic is good.
  • probably or they wouldnt make them

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