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  • It's according to how long your hair is. If hair grows about 3/4" per month then if it is shorter than 2 1/4", you are probably okay.
  • The hair is a remarkable, yet underestimated, part of the human body. Among other things, it retains 'maps' of what the blood contains as it grows. When you smoked the pot it was in your blood system for a while. Hair is always growing so there is almost surely some marijuana in your hair. The deciding factor, as pointed out by 'Anonymous', is the length of your hair. If you cut it very short and often, then the marijuana 'tag' in the hair would be cut off and thrown away, making it impossible to have shown up in your hair sample. But, if it's long then I would be worried. Hard to tell for sure - the only way to avoid a positive on a drug test is to NOT do it's good to hear that you stopped.

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