• Yes, you are right. The coffee man only works in Red and Blue. But do not despair!!! Here's the big surprise: MISSINGO IS AVAILABLE IN YELLOW!!!!!!!!! The items you need are: A Pokemon that knows Fly A 6th slot NON-KEY ITEM that you are willing to duplicate one-hundred and twenty-six times An Escape Rope or Dig(Tm 28) if you want to be sure to encounter Missingno A strong one-hit Ko a level 7 Pokemon Here's what you have to do: -You must NOT face the gambler that is below the Underground near Saffron and Lavender(Route 8 on Town Map). -You must NOT have defeated every channeler in Pokemon Tower, unles you have the luck (1/5) to encounter Missingno with a wild Pokemon. -In order to do the duplicating trick (for items) make sure your 6th slot item is the one that gets dupliceted, for example: BICYCLE GOOD ROD POKEFLUTE FRESH WATERx1 TM49x1 RARE CANDYx1 The rare candy would be the one to get duplicated! Okay, here goes. This HAS, I repeat, HAS been tested, and now I have a level 100 Mew (thanks to the Mew Cheat, if you want me to list that, e-mail me at, etc. Make sure that you heal at either Lavender or Saffron, even if you don't have to, because this is essential to the cheat. Go in the Underground and come out at the Lavender part. DO NOT TAKE A STEP OR IT WILL MESS UP! Save at this point and you will be able to start from it if Missingno glitches up. Okay, now that you have saved, take one step forward and immediately press Start. If done correctly, you should be able to bring your menu up before the Gambler sees you. If not, restart your game and you should be able to be there again. Get to the Pokemon that knows Fly and fly to Lavender Town. Before you fly, the Gambler will notice you, but you will have already flown away. Your Start Button will not function at this time, but don't worry. This is normal in the trick. Go up to Pokemon Tower and fight a Channeler (not the one that is on the third floor on the very top because you'll encounter a level 7 Magneton). After that, your Start Button will function normally. Use Dig, an Escape Rope, or walk out. Go west to the route where the Gambler is (or east when you are at Saffron) and your menu should pop up before you get there. Press B, not Exit, to close it and you should encounter a wild Pokemon without the grass! If it is a different Pokemon, then it will be a normal battle with a level 7 whatever, even if it doesn't appear in Yellow (i.e. Magmar, Sycther, etc. I have a Magmar and it's not available in Yellow). If it is Missingno, then the battle music will play and the screen will be blank for 10-12 seconds. At about 5 seconds, the battle music will stop and everything will be muted out. DON'T TURN OFF YOUR GAME, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! After about 10-12 seconds, a block of glitch that looks like, well, a huge orange block will appear. There are 1/3 possibilities that you will actually be able to stay in battle with it. 1st glitch: The screen will blank out when Missingno appears. 2nd glitch: The words will say "Missingno is trying to learn..." over and over again. 3rd glitch: This is no glitch. You will go straight into battle with it. KILL IT, DO NOT CATCH IT! Since Missingno is much harder to find in the Yellow Version, than in the Red and Blue Version, it will delete twice as much data. When you get out of battle, you will find various characters who look exactly like you walking around randomly on places they could not possibly go. Do not think that you messed up. If this happens, you did good and exactly like I told you to. Press Start and fly to any town and you should be back to normal. Check your 6th item and you will see that there is a symbol mext to the 9 that is there. This means that you will have 9 of that item three times and a normal 9, and when you use all of them up, there will be 99! Save at least one so you can do the Missingno trick again and refill! Have fun! This cheat has been tested and found working.
  • Ok, try this is 1000000000x easier than the last response... First of all, this glitch only works for pokemon red and blue (it's done a different way in yellow) and no other games. Put the item you wanna duplicate in the sixth spot on you items list. Now here are the steps... 1. Talk to the coffee dude 2. Say "No" you arent in a hurry 3. Fly to cinnabar 4. Walk directly to the right (east) Try to walk DIRECTLY (dont walk around just walk straight there) there, it will help 5. Choose surf for whoever has it. 6. Surf up and down along the side 7. You may expierience some weird pokemon such as pigeottoes and stuff like that 8. It may take a while but sooner or later, youll find 9 RUN AWAY, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH MISSING.NO <lol 10. Look at the item in the sixth spot! Wa-la it will probably way there are 9 of them but there is a simble next to it. When you use the item 9 times (or whatever you wanna do with it) a different simble may come. After a few times its will just go to 99, when It gets to 1... Time to do everything over again.
  • how do u know which is the east side coast of cinnabar?? and wat if u alredy defeated the gambler?... i want to duplicte master balls. someone pleasde trell me an easy way. for pokemom yellow. Plewase.
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  • ShiningLatios, i did what you said, but when I got to the channeler part my game just freezed, but the music kept playing, i turned it off and on and re-did it the same thing happened? How can i not make this happen but keep doing the cheat to duplicate items?
  • The old man method is exclusive to Red and Blue. Here is how to encounter MissingNo. in Yellow: list=PL60DCBEA2D1F73683 It's more involved and be warned that the encounter itself is quite unstable. The game will most of the time, lock up.

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