• Stucco--the material used to coat the exterior of homes--is a durable, attractive exterior finish that you can leave as-is or paint. Use only high-quality paint to avoid the need to scrape, power wash or repaint.


    Use masonry primer--formulated for stucco and cement--to paint new or previously unpainted stucco. Without this primer, unpainted or new stucco will soak up most of your paint.


    Quality stucco paints: allow moisture to escape; are flexible and allow movement; repel dirt; and, resist chalking buildup, chipping, cracking and peeling.


    Read the small print on the front of paint cans to determine its qualities. Ask a paint expert if you are in doubt. Most hardware stores have an employee who knows the benefits of the paints the store stocks.


    Use oil-based or latex exterior paints on your stucco. Oil-based paint works well on masonry but requires the use of a primer. Use latex exterior paint for new stucco or masonry.


    Do not paint a new stucco home until it has cured for at least 90 days. If you paint too soon, you will trap moisture in the stucco, which will cause the paint to peel.


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