• Drug addiction is a very complex problem that can have a negative impact on an individual's life. Many people that are having difficulty recovering from drug addiction on their own seek out drug rehab facilities. There are thousands of addiction treatment programs around the nation. These programs include treatment for drugs like cocaine, heroin and marijuana, as well as drug-treatment programs for adolescents.


    According to About Drug Rehab, the term "drug rehab" is synonymous with various terms such as treatment program, addiction treatment, drug rehabilitation and so on. Drug rehab has become a necessary step for many addicts to eliminate their addiction and regain control over their lives.


    According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse there are various programs that drug rehabilitation centers use. Two common programs are long or short-term residential treatment and outpatient treatment.

    Intake Interview

    On arrival to the drug rehab center, individuals may have an intake interview. During the interview a therapist will ask personal questions so that the course of the person's treatment can be determined. The interview is also essential to understanding any psychological disorders the addict may have. If a person lives at the drug rehab center, they should expect to be assigned living quarters. The living quarters will often be searched intensely for drug paraphernalia.


    When attending a drug rehabilitation center, individuals should expect to undergo individual or group counseling. The counseling sessions will focus on stopping drug use and addressing other areas of life such as family relationships, illegal activity and employment status.


    Some health insurance policies will cover all or part of an individual's drug treatment. Most treatment programs can bill the health care provider directly. Local, state and federal government programs sometimes sponsor drug abuse and addiction treatment.


    National Institute of Drug Abuse

    About Drug Rehab

  • At a residential drug rehab center, clients adhere to a structured daily schedule that typically consists of: - group, family, and individual therapy - some type of exercise (yoga is common) - meal times - specialized therapies (music therapy, pet therapy, art therapy, etc.) - meditation/personal time - 12-step group meetings Residents are housed in group living arrangements so they also spend a lot of time with other peers in recovery. People can also choose to enroll in an outpatient drug rehab program, which consists of 8 weeks (or so) of group meetings that take place in a secure, clinical location. Clients still participate in individual, group, and family therapy, with an emphasis on relapse prevention, but they have the flexibility to live at home during treatment and attend work or school. If you're trying to decide which type of rehab is best for you, this blog is a great resource:
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