• Often described as the most sensual of all massages, the Californian massage technique grew out of the New Age movement and is designed for pure pleasure. It's considered to be in the same family as Swedish and Esalen massage.


    Californian massage uses long, fluid movements carried out in a variable rhythm over the entire body. The masseur follows the body's meridian lines, paying attention to reflex points and muscle contours. Rocking, stretching, and other forms of manipulation are tailored to the customer's needs.


    Californian massage uses essential oils to aid in relaxation. The warm, aromatic oils are massaged into the entire body, first on the back and then the front. At the conclusion of the massage, remaining oils are removed with a warm towel.

    Time Frame

    A typical Californian massage lasts 80 minutes, with 40 minutes being spent on each side of the body.


    The goal of Californian massage is to unite the body and mind. Aside from soothing tired muscles and improving blood flow and lymphatic circulation, Californian massage stimulates nerve endings, arouses the sense, reduces stress, and delivers unmatched relaxation.


    The Californian massage originated near San Francisco in the early 1970s. Margareth Elke was one of the technique's first practitioners, teaching it in the U.S. and France.



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