• Generally speaking, the reason that famine occurs is not shortage of food in an absolute sense. Often there is food available, even in the same country. The problem is getting the food to the people that need it, and the reason it cannot be done is usually associated wit war and political violence. And, on the other hand, just handing out food tends to exacerbate the problem: it puts local farmers, who should be growing food for local people, out of business, ensuring that that problem persists. Food Aid is needed in the worst cases - when people are actually starving to death. But there is actually enough food already available for the aid needed - if it can be got to the people who need it without being stolen by brigands, warlords, and dictatorial governments. But generally, starvation is a political problem, not a food supply problem. Left in peace, most people can grow the food they need most of the time - and if assisted to learn modern agricultural methods, can quadruple or more the food that they grow. Which is not to say that I approve of US set-aside programs, which are a stupid and wasteful subsidy for farmers. But it is not the same problem as starving children: it is an internal US problem, not a world food problem. The world food problem is war and corruption.
  • Thats their way of manipulating market prices by maintaining a false "shortage". If farmers were to plant and harvest all the land they had available the market would be flooded with grain and prices would crash.
  • Because they are not American children. +5
  • Because democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the democrat's hero, started such payments.
  • Big Business profits are far far more important than 18,000 children every day. Obviously.
  • 18,000 kids are not dying every day from hunger.
  • not sure but that dont make sense to me either
  • I learned when I was very young money and the power it brings run society.If people die the wealthy never lose sleep.

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