• Yes when I was at College we had supposedly 4 Australians live in the apartment above. There were about twelve that lived there and they certainly did like to Party.
  • Yes. Mormons.
  • A guy who lives nearby is a blatant sexual deviant. Kinda annoying sometimes.
  • Yes, their kids used to launch bottle rockets at our house from across the street.
  • More than one.
  • Yep, although most of the time their antics have been on the amusing side +5
  • Who hasn't?No doubt i have been one on the odd ocassion myself.Lol.Depends on the extent of annoying.
  • "Yes" ..... and you're back!:)
  • Yes and was very grateful when she moved. But she has re-entered my life by getting a job at my place of employment, YAY for me
  • I still have some what to trade them
  • I did for many years. She relocated.
  • We had a really nosey one. We eventually ended up moving:)
  • yes i did
  • We have one who lives upstairs from us and had the balls to call us on a saturday afternoon and complain about our music when they are thumping arround at night after 12am.......So now we bang on the walls when they make noise and they will just have to deal with our music during the day when people are allowed to make some noises.
  • Of course. At my last house, the neighbors fought pitbulls & roosters in the street all night long. I would call the police, but they had police radios so they would clear everything out before the cops showed up. And I wasn't the only one calling the cops on them; every day when I got off of work there were cops there, and they would be talking about CPS and putting the guy in handcuffs.. it was ridiculous. Plus, me and my roommate who was living with me at the time are both recovering addicts who have been clean for over a year, and the neighborhood kids came up to us asking if they could have our xbox in exchange for crack. Now I live in an apartment complex, and the people who were living next door to us (they just moved out) were always fighting and throwing things, we would hear their kids crying, and one day bounty hunters knocked at our door asking if we knew where the guy lived.
  • Yes, No consideration in the evening in making noise
  • Many. That's why I live in isolation in the country now. +5
  • Yep. There were the kids behind us that always threw their toys over the fence and then screamed to their parents "we stole em'". Once they even opened our gate and instructed their dog to "sic em'". And then in front of us, an older woman who had nothing more to do then tell us what we were doing wrong. "Your trash can is facing the wrong way!" And the teenagers next to us that either pushed our snowmen over during the winter - or removed our mailbox in the summer. We moved. Then there were the neighbors in Alabama who loved to shot cars with their BB guns. The one time I needed help to call poison control (before cell phones) they refused to open their door. We've since moved to a richer neighborhood and love it. People here are busy minding their own business to stay on top.

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