• i got one at 15, but became more responsible wit it at 16. id say 16. Anyways thats about the time kids start driving by themselves. Now give a 10 year old (little bro) a cell, you should expect it to get lost and never found again. My little bro is 12 and just found it again. Still loses it.
  • I got one when I was 10, just because I started to want to come home from school with my friends and my parents wanted to make sure they always had a way to reach me.
  • But I think 10 is much too young! I think a good age is about 16
  • I got one when i went to comprehensive school (11) as i was going to be walking home alone and stuff, I hardly eer used it though. I would say, considering how cheap pay as you go mobiles are now anyway, when you get to the point you want to be out without parents, then that is probably the right time.
  • I think when your child starts going out, and walking places on there own. Many times when i was younger, my cell phone i believe saved my life. It's better to be safe and pay the money every month then be sorry...
  • whenever you want one
  • When you can afford to pay for it .
  • i actually dont have one..hubby does have one for emergencies ,a real cheap plan.. ..i have survived all my life with out a waste of money i say..if i want to play games i just use a computer at home .id never want to play games while out and about anyways thats what most just do anyways or they look up google etc etc ...
  • There is no minimum age, per say. If you go outside, it is always good to have one on you in case of emergencies, etc.
  • There is no minimum age, per say. If you go outside, it is always good to have one on you in case of emergencies, etc.
  • When ever one is old enough ie mature to take on the responsibilities of owning a cell phone.
  • Well...I'm an oldster. When (and where) I grew up, we had one phone in the house...and it was a "party line". That is to say: several houses shared the same phone line. If you picked up the phone to make a call and heard voices, then you hung up the phone and waited 15-30 minutes before trying again, because one of your neighbors was using the line. AND: that was fine. That is: that wasn't perceived as any sort of hardship. *** So, yeah: I see NO need WHATSOEVER for a non-working child to have a personal cell phone. Once you have a job - assuming that it's the sort of job where you might be suddenly called in to work (which is typical of first jobs) - THEN a cell phone is a good idea, especially if there is no "house phone".
  • When one is old enough to take responsibility for the mobile phone including its upkeep, insurance,
  • Early teenage years I think is ok for anyone to start having their own mobile phone
  • why does a child need a mobile phone? Who is paying for it? When the child is molestered as it is now talking online to strange unkown people it will be damaged for life or worse. The reality of the internet is it mainly corputs the young it seams we are in the age of the peadophile Id never come across a rockspider before 2015. Now it seams they are everywhere.

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