• Cause he's a celebrity silly. Media makes money because for some strange reason the public seems to be fascinated with the lives of others.
  • Who the hell knows! I'm bored to death of the story! His wife was probably beating the CRAP out of him if he WAS cheating. But I don't care about THAT, either! It's just a need to report some kind of "news", I guess! <yawn>
  • I'm with you. I certainly don't care about his private life. It's absolutely NONE of my business. When I hear a reporter spouting that crap about "The people have a right to know" I see red. I do NOT have a right to know other people's private business. I don't buy tabloids or People Magazine. I don't watch any of the ridiculous Hollywood gossip programs and don't care even a little bit about the Red Carpet! My own life is enough for me, I have no need to live vicariously through another. Since we're on the subject, is it just me, or does anyone else wish that Ashton Kutcher would shut up and go away?
  • I wish I could give you way more than three points. I have been asking this question for days. A professional athlete's personal life shouldn't be a national crisis! +3
  • Eactly, who really cares.
  • This surprises you? What about when US soldiers were dying in Afghanistan and all the Media would talk about was Britney Spears shaving her head, or Paris Hilton flashing her c***. The majority of people in this country could honestly care less about matters of importance, and focus on trivialities. Hell more people vote for the next American idol, than they do for the next American president.
  • Who knows. Did you know that there was an attack on a member of the Senate, and that day, Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction was the top news story? It's RIDICULOUS.
  • I agree goofy. +5. Also why are the police wasting so much time and money try to feed this frenzy. No outsider was hurt in the accident. Neither he nor his wife have filed a complaint. The accident was behind the gates of a private community. We do not have a legal right to know EVERYTHING about celebrities. They do have a legal right to privacy.
  • I heard one report that said he hit a fire hydrant, if he damaged public/city property then the police need to investigate and file tickets or criminal charges or fines if need be depending on the situation.
  • Whose business is it of anyone but Woods and his wife?
  • because people love to see their heroes fall
  • Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive. The man is getting deeper into it each day with the lies. Now another woman says she has been sleeping with him for 3 years. His creep side is revealed and he is not this unstained hero. He's a self-centered liar. He asked for it by lying his ass off. He broke the law and sent the cops away. Not smart.
  • The whole celebrity thing disgusts me. We don't know a THING yet and he is being crucified. And, frankly, I don't give a damn either way.
  • The media need Money. For them rating is priority. I really don't care abt this case. I hope soon people will leave Tiger alone.
  • He could have com home from a meeting with the mafia?

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