• trespassing is against the law. period. lock their butts up!
  • I do not think they will go to jail or should go to jail.They say they did not crash the white house party and need to hear their side of the story. It is more a responsibility of the white house party planners to know whom is truly invited and whom is not.
  • I doubt if they will go to goal but they should have to pay some kind of legal penalty if they were Gate crashers. If they did get through all the Security Heads should roll in the security services.
  • at a party like that its hard to tell whos on the list, if they got in uninvitrd, then yes let them meet the court system.... remember ballon boys parents got felonies, so should these people
  • Yes they will go to jail for all the embarrassment they caused to the incompetent Obama administration. Next time Osama bin Laden would sneak into the White house posing as guest of honor and Obama will bow to him and he will trash valuable paintings and furniture and then laugh all the way back to his Tora Bora caves. Why do you think Stalin insisted on execution of Ribbentropp in Nurnberg (and got his wish) - embarrassment that's why
  • Not if they crashed in with a Maserati.
  • It would be a stretch to throw them in jail, but they might get a hefty fine. The real culprits here were the secret service, who were not rigorous enough in confirming this couple's supposed invitation to the party. +4
  • I don't think they belong in jail, but they shouldn't get to profit from it.
  • no but the secret service should
  • They might. I see this exactly as "Balloon boy" case. Alpha couple who has no shame. Good lesson for the FBI/CIA/WH Security system.
  • Yes, charges are being pressed against them but I don't think they deserve it.
  • depends on if they got invited or not

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