• That might get you out, but NOT with an Honorable Discharge. +5
  • They will politely put your ass in the brink.
  • You simply wanted of the yourself armed forces - BS...
  • No, that would get you locked up in whatever they happen to call the jail (brig, stockade, etc). When there, you would get an attitude adjustment.
  • I think in most cases Willow is right. It might get you out of the military and into a military or federal prison. See the UCMJ Article 92 Refusing a lawful order is a crime. Remember as well that those in the military have a different set of rights and obligations than civilians.
  • anybody whos ever served in the military knows the answer to that one, peacetime would land you in CC (correctional custody) or prison, wartime depending on the order might be a death sentence; its not like KFC where you can walk out on your boss anytime you get mad and get your job back later in the week.
  • *L* Ya'd be better off starving yourself. Go for mental issues.
  • In a very painful fashion, yes.
  • That would land you in serious hot water. Better strategy would be to make a pass at any same-sex officer in your chain of command.
  • Yeah, give it a try and see for yourself.
  • No, I'd follow orders and tough it out. I would be no sissy. Then I'd try to look forward to the day I could leave with dignity.
  • Not really, you would eventually be kicked out, but before that happens you would: spend about 30 days doing "extra duty" (cutting grass, and painting and crap like that after duty hours until about 11:00PM at night, after you had got up a 0500 for PT and had a normal day of work. Be reduced to the lowest rank Have one months pay taken (the pay is from the rank you had before the reduction) so you normally will go about 3 months with no pay since you won't get paid for about 3 months, your car and other stuff will get repo'ed and if you have a family, they will not have any income also Then after all that, they will kick you out. (PS, since it is a bad conduct discharge, you lose your GI bill, and any other benefits that you would have had also)
  • Why did you enlist?
  • Why be polite?
  • seriously?.....they dont care if you want out or not. you signed your time to them. its too late.
  • Not following any orders will lead to LOR (Letter of Reprimand) and that procedure is very complicated (such as seeing your Commander, demoted to a lower rank and loss of pay). If you personally want to get out the servce, prove to them you have asthma (medical discharge) or prove to them you're homosexual (adm discharge). In some cases, a badly depressed person can get away with it but that depends on how severe your depression is. Anything that reduce your chance of deployment or interfere with work will most likely you get inspected and if you fail, you get discharge from the military.
  • sure, that will get you right out of the military and right into the brig.
  • I had to laugh at this question, I laugh not at the person asking just the question in general. Anyone that knows anything about the US military knows why I am laughing..........
  • Toward the stockade entrance, sure! ;-)
  • if you want out why did you go in? and no they would probobly press charges or what not or beat the hell out of you.
  • what do you mean by work? anyone can refuse to work and can expect to be fired. but the military doesn't just fire you, they take your rank, take your money, take your liberty (put you in jail) and take away any benefits you have coming to you (college money, medical, etc) and they'd give you a dishonorable discharge and that's if you were in stateside post. if you were deployed and you pulled that, you'd be punished more severely and if your disobedience caused you to miss a deployment it would be additional charges.
  • You would have a very rough road ahead until you actually received that discharge .... which would be something you probably wouldn't want to ever show off or brag about. You would be guilty of several offenses, such as refusing to obey a lawful order, and malingering - which means failure to perform your assigned duties. If you're presently in the military and contemplating such action you are a disgrace to your country.
  • No, it would actually make it more difficult for you. Insubordination in the military, polite or not, is not acceptable.

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