• It's better to have 1/2 of one cigarette when you "need" to rather than deny yourself and end up smoking a pack. Congrats and keep up the good work.
  • Just do not smoke any. Even if you think you will just smoke one to stop the cravings. You either go cold turkey or keep puffing. Congratulation on quitting I have tried and i know how hard it is. +3
  • Maybe don't post questions about it so that "the idea of smoking" doesn't constantly come up?
  • aww i wish i could help you but m really sorry, m the last person you should listen to when it comes to smoking, which reminds me, need a cigg brk brb :)
  • Payton....I quit in April. I just kept lots of veggies to snack on, chewed on straws, toothpicks etc. and kept as busy as possible to help curb the urge...Best luck to ya.
  • I'm a quitter too, Payton. My last cigarette was on September 10, 2009 @ 8am in the morning. Since then I have not touched in any way a cigarette. I did it all cold turkey and without planning. I had a cold and a sore throat and used that to my advantage to quit. But when those cravings would hit me, and hit me hard they did, I would suck on hard cinnamon candies. Those helped. It is very hard getting thru the first 3 days, then to a full week but I am at almost 3 months now and I rarely get a craving anymore and if I do, it passes very quickly. Good Luck Payton. I like being a non-smoker now. I find I rather enjoy breathing :)
  • there is a cigratte chewing gum, but i dont remember the name...!
  • I got some Commit lozenges to help me out when the urge got unbearable. They really helped. At first I used maybe 3 a day, and within a week I wasn't using any of the lozenges. I have a ton of them - want me to send them to you? Also, it helps to have something to keep your hands busy. I mixed up a spray of vinegar and water and used it to clean the walls in my apartment, square foot by square foot. Not only did it keep me from smoking, it helped clear the smoke smell from the house.
  • Know that the urge to kill will pass soon enough.
  • Good for you, Payton. I salute you and wish you all success in beating the habit. Being the fiscal conservative you are, just think of the lifetime cost in packs/day plus health issues. Even ignoring inflation, that's a real incentive never to buy another pack. :)
  • When you find something that works, let me know. I'm trying to quit too. Tried the patches but I ended up smoking with 2 patches on. . Good luck.
  • I admire you and respect your strength..keep it up my sweet...dont let me down, that is my advise!!!!!!
  • Get into a coma ;p
  • Good for you! I've quit a few dozen times myself. As for part 2 of your question, well, I still smoke.
  • I took a pen and pulled the ink tube out. Then I cut it so it was the size of a smoke. Whenever I needed a smoke I dragged on the pen. It was like having a smoke in my hand and the sensation of inhaling something.
  • I am going through the same thing. I have taken up knitting - maybe you could give that a go! Although I will probably have knit a whole new wardrobe by the time the cravings stop! And will probably cause my own degree of global warming by wearing layers and layers of knitted garments
  • there isactually a herb called mullein . you can smoke it like a cig , but beleive it or not it is actually good for you .. it is a lung cleanser , and will actually repair damage to your lungs from cig smoking .. i know it's hard to wrap your head around ,, but it does actually heal your lungs , and smoking it is the best way to get it right to the problem area .(the same way the bad smoke got in ). natives have used this herb for years because of being in smoke filled environments all the time .. it is also used to treat lung infections , phlegm , etc .. and some people smoke a quick one to stop an asthma attack in it's tracks . no tar content ,, no side affects at all , besides good ones .. and much better than smoking cigs ,, it also takes care of the mechanics (what to do with your hands ) .. rolling them in tubes is a bit of a pain ,, you will start to roll less . and smoke less .. and eventually not need it at all . some people mix tobacco in with it at first , then ween off the amount added and smoke straight mullein , this also helps you quit .. but dont take my word for it ... google "smoke mullein health " etc ... see for yourself ;-) goodluck.
  • The patch helped me, initially. Haven't smoked tobacco in 10 years. I have, however, been smoking organic legal herbs in a briar pipe. I mix anywhere from 8 to 12 herbs together into a smoking mix. It works well. Better than tobacco and not habit-forming and you can still satisfy the smoking urge. I use a mixture of damiana, mullein, spearmint (for flavor), lemon balm, and other herbs. Let me know if you want further information.
  • Tell yourself when you get the urge, what do you want to feel, like a loser and a quitter or someone who took control of his destiny and overcame the hardest addiction money can buy. You can do it and try and see how total power over yourself actually feels. It's priceless.
  • Keep plenty of gum and mints around. Think of it as a test of your will power that you refuse to lose. You'll start feeling more energetic after 4-5 days. You can beat them Payton.Happy Holidays to you and yours.
  • I took a sip of water every time I had the urge to smoke. Cheap, available and healthy. Basic behavior modification. I got so waterlogged that it helped to curb the desire.

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