• My mom is an atheist and she has shown me plenty of love. Hell, I've been in love with atheists before, they have alot to give!
  • You do not need to know "God" or "Jesus" to know how to love your fellow man! When will people get this through their thick skulls!!!!!!!!
  • Of course atheists can show love and other levels of morality. HOWEVER, atheists live in a world where religions exist, and religions dictate which behaviors are and are not morally acceptable behaviors. All atheists are influenced and affected (directly or indirectly) by religion. If the world was rid of all religion - past and present - there would be no reason to behave in a morally acceptable way, save for control of the populace.
  • yes, they just have no solid understanding of why it's universally good to do that.
  • Yes, but the differnce is, atheist's don't follow the lead of a star charachter in an anceint fiction book and think it's a real thing. That would be crazy as ship.
  • Do you interpret and formulate thoughts in your head? Or do you just type and read? . By the way....your question is very rude, low and inconsiderate. You give yourself and other Christians a BAD name.
  • We have no trouble at all with showing or giving love to anyone we choose to, the big difference is that we don't need a book of fairy tales to tell us who we can or can not give our love to
  • Absolutely! I have people I love of ALL persuasions! (Well, most, I don’t know any Hindus’) Religion does NOT have the market cornered on love.
  • Is that a trick question? I love my family, my pets, my boyfriend. What makes your love any better than mine?
  • Of course we can. +5
  • Jesus also said: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no other commandment greater than these. Mark 12 As an atheist, I believe that the teaching you have presented is valid, but I see no reason to believe that there is a God.
  • Yes of course. My brother is an atheist and I know he loves me and his family and other people a whole bunch. Just because people are not Christian doesn't mean they cannot love. Everybody can love.
  • As an atheist, I do not believe in God. By extension, I can then not believe that Jesus was, literaly, the son of God. . This does not prevent me from believing that Jesus did in fact exist (it is well documented), that he taught and that his teaching is more or less accurately represented in the New Testament. . Just as I can consider the opinions of others and examine which, to me, seems good, not believing Jesus divine does not prevent me from learning from his teaching.
  • Quite often. The vast majority of the prison population be any indication.
  • What a ridiculously naive question! So you think that because you believe in an unproven deity that you have the monopoloy on human emotion? You are so totally wrong! Regardless of religious belief people can love, show compassion, feel empathy and also hate, be angry and commit heinous crimes. The only difference is you stop to wonder whether you committed a sin - I might feel guilty but I don't go rushing off to pray on my knees; I face the consequences and then get on with my life!
  • Yes, they can. Many of the words attributed to the Christian savior are truly enlightened thoughts.
  • ....... well, obviously we can or we'd all be unpleasant, heartless, gits. Personally I'm an Atheist & I love everyone.... nearly.
  • Atheists can show "love" as an attribute of God because they are made in his image, but you guys misunderstand the meaning of Jesus' words in "Love one another just as I have loved you." . Firstly, he said this not so that everyone would be happy purely from loving each other, his very next words are "So that by this all may know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another." His words are not FOR atheists, because they are not his disciples. . Secondly, we need to consider how Jesus the last part of the verse: "Love one another JUST AS I HAVE LOVED YOU." (I apologize for the capitals, they were for emphasis). He intended his disciples to Love as he loved them; to show the same kind of love. But what kind of love did he show? . Well I don't think what Jesus had in mind was simple kindness and goodwill (although it certainly includes that) if you read on a little, you'll see that this is the final message before the cross. The love he was talking about, was the love it took him to die on the cross to save his disciples. This is the kind of love he was telling them to show to one another, self-sacrificing; a willingness to die for one's brother. . This is the way in which he loved them, and in which he claimed to love humanity. And I don't think any of us, Christian or Atheist match up to his standard.
  • Well, after we atheists have committed fornication, pillaging, lying and senseless violence, we sometimes lie around and pick the nits out of each other's hair - is that the kind of thing your are driving at?
  • not sure, I've had a trouble with that word, whenever I use it, it is for the girls benefit, personally I don't belive in it and think it is just a stupid word. And I am an atheist
  • (singing) Hello Walls......
  • As an atheist i can tell you we love more because we are not delusionally giving all our love to a non existent deity
  • Athiests just don't believe that there is a God ruling they are not sociopaths. They are exactly the same as you.
  • Anybody could have said that and it would have the same meaning. You don't need divine permission or inspiration to understand or express love.
  • Why couldn't thy? This question is biased.
  • Christians do not have a lock on showing love and compassion for their fellow man. Everyone no matter what their beliefs are is capable of showing love and compassion for another.

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