• Yes!... so long as its not a loaded question
  • Yes, it is. If this is referring to your recent question regarding atheism, I have no idea why you were downrated. I saw your DR and gave you some points. You should be able to ask honest questions without people jumping down your throat.
  • In the current AB environment, I doubt it. +4
  • Yes as long as the question is logical and not bias +5
  • There will always be some small minded person living on another planet that will DR any question which threatens them. Doesn't make any difference what the subject matter would be. I will probably get DR'd for this answer!! :)))
  • I've done it before.
  • I've uprated many questions which were "legitimate" about atheism.
  • Probably, but a good rule of thumb is, if you can substitute atheism for your own religion, hear the question, and not want to beat someone for asking it, you're probably gold. You might still get docked points though - I swear people just randomly go around downrating benign questions for no reason.
  • I was going to answer in the affirmative but then I saw your comments beneath other answers, so I've had a bit of a think. I have been using Answerbag for a couple of years and it has definitely broadened my knowledge about the world beyond the parts that I know directly, I have particularly learned about the United States and its people. There seems to be a substantial number of people from the that country who use Answerbag chiefly to spread the word of their own belief, or lack of it, and the extreme elements of those two groups never let an opportunity pass to deride the views of those with different beliefs to their own. The situation with support of particular political parties seems to be very much the same. Consequently I would say it is impossible to ask or answer a question on any religious or political issue and not run the risk of receiving downrates because one or other, or even both, of the groups of extreme believers and extreme non-believers will always find some reason to believe they are being subjected to scrutiny or ridicule. If Answerbag wasn't available in the USA I'm pretty sure that there would be hardly any questions about religion or belief systems. Certainly I have never been involved in any discussions in real life like those I have taken part in here.
  • Ask me.
  • Atheism, by definition, stands not for something but against something. Naturally an Atheist will be narrow minded and censorous. The only reason you don't get DRed for this question is because it would directly expose their hypocrisy. Don't worry, they'll remember and DR you for some other question or answer. So much for open-minded, liberal people.

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