• I don't think so. Their version of Genesis is similar to the Bibles version.
  • They wouldn't waste their time on bothering.
  • No. And what's with this label "Darwinism"?
  • I imagine it's the same with every other religions: The fundamentalists (less than 20% of them) teach that it's evil and wrong and false, and the mainstream (the rest) teach you to believe what you want to believe.
  • Most religious Muslim academics deny Darwinian evolution, whereas some try to make it conform to Islamic teachings, to make it seem like a natural fit with Quranic verses. Just like Christian academics, many of whom deny it, while some try to make it conform to Biblical verses. It doesn't really fit with EITHER of them, though, scientifically speaking. When the pressure to conform is added, the facts start to intermingle with opinions and faith-based affirmations.

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