• No, we always grew/raised most of our food.
  • not really; we did not have the $$$$ to spend ... +5
  • They didn't have lots of money to spend on anything.
  • I wouldn't say lots, but just enough to get by. I can remember fistfuls of coupons being handed over to the cashiers at the grocery store. :) +5
  • No, there was always a budget, i guess they had to as there were three of us (kids), and we never really got a lot of fancy stuff. I even remember mum boiling chicken bones to make soup, and school packed lunches were always pretty boring...but hey! i'm not complaining, mum was/is an excellent cook and things are sooo much better now :))
  • Nope, we were super poor. I remember it being a treat when we got to get a Happy Meal at McDonald's maybe once a month. That was considered "going out to eat."
  • My mother and grandmother were perfect housewife, always cooked, cleaned, was happy about it as long as they got their saturday off. So we spent alot of money on ingredients for homemade meals. After the divorce my grandmother moved and my mother got lazy, we ate out every day after she got off work.
  • I grew up in foster care, there were ten of us children at one point till it went down to parents had little money but we were never short of good food, clothes and Christmas was always so special for us, we were loved and I pass that on to my daughters :)
  • They tried not to. A family of six with my father working 2 full-time jobs meant inexpensive meals and rarely eating at restaurants.
  • When I was growing up I had not idea and gave no thought to the issue.
  • My parents had ilttle money, I was not aware at the time. we had enough but they had little to spend on anything.+5
  • No- my mom was a stickler for a budget and had meals that lasted for days as she would add new flavors and reheat or re-casorol them.
  • Funny you should ask. . . . . .because I always felt hungry! My dad gave my mother an allowance for running the household, but I think she POCKETED the money instead of feeding us. . . . .well; anyway!
  • I wouldn't say a lot of money. Luckily, my mom was open minded about my becoming a vegetarian, and later became one herself.
  • minimum of $100 a week for 3 kids
  • I like to play sports which consumes energy which I had to get from somewhere.. so = YES ;)
  • Nope. My parents were of modest means. My mom made everything by the "scratch" method including bread and yogurt. I guess they had package mixes in those days but I never saw them at home.
  • Growing up in a large family, it was always a 'stretch' for them to provide for all of us, on the family budget. It really is quite amazing as i think back, as i now know how much $ they had to work with, that they managed to successfully raise 5 kids.
  • Yes, sometimes they simply bought too much and we had to threw out the food that spoiled.

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