• Lotsa AIR, mostly. +5
  • A couple of direct conversion nuclear reactors, plenty of water (or a readily accessable source of useable water and the means to obtain it), and a cubic b*tt ton of food. And that food should definately include beef jerky. This is assuming camping facilities exist in terms of structures. :):):)
  • Toothbrush . Flip-flops (one pair) . Cavorite (600 lbs) . John Glenn (if he can fit in his old suit)
  • An extra pair of rocket boosters? ;-)
  • A supply of oxygen wouldn't be a luxury.
  • Well I guess I can take water off my list since they found some on the moon. :o) lol
  • lots of oxygen!
  • I will take my bible, and some food.
  • I'm not going camping on the Moon. I'm afraid to go to space. I'll stay here and watch you all go through a telescope up at the observatory.
  • Air tanks, Lead shoes. Plenty of water.
  • iPod, camera, laptop, microwave transmitter, space suit, lots of protien bars, oxygen, water, toilet paper, air freshener (for my spacesuit in case the protien bars give me gas)
  • My sister as she is a never ending source of hot air.
  • Extra air Extra solar panels A few spare adhesive sheets of space suit material, nothing more serious than a hole in your space suit!!! Satellite phone, power booster, and directional antennae so I can make a few prank phone calls from the moon! ... trace this !!!
  • Video games since i wont have the web for entertainment.
  • A big tent that contains enough air to hold me for two weeks. A rocket to get me safely back again. Moon clothes to protect me from the elements. Did I say air? Yes, lots of containers of air. Food. Stuff that doesn't make me sick on the moon with no gravity. I hate this already, I want to go home.
  • My girlfriend ;P As well as clothes, food and oxygen :) +5
  • a large supply of oxygen. clif bars. a snake named elroy. helium ballons. a supply of clean good drinking water. a rifle (incase of an attak) um.... cake mix, candels, a lighter, and probably a space ship, or a rocket or something to get me there and back :) also a tent, and sleeping bag and raw meat for bait to catch any wild beasts:) and either my cassette player or 8track player (cause i dont own an iPod or a cd player) and a laptop, with a battery cord that would have a wire attatched from the moon to earth. i think also pen and paper, and a booklet of sadokoo puzzles to play (in wich case i would also want a pencil and an eraser). my cell phone. and a hulahoop and my camcorder from the 1990s. and coffee (or caffine pills) and a library or at least a couple hundred books and a lamp so i can read when its dark. a tool kit, and a manual on how to fix a rocket if something brakes. and all my school books, and binders because i would miss alot of school on a tirp like that. taking my bf along would be a good ideda :) oh and warm clothing cause im guessing its cold up there :) i think that everything, im all set :) oh and the things girls need once a month :)

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