• yes i would. I think it would be neat,but then it would get kinda boring and i would actually come out and communicate.
  • It would be the logical thing to do.
  • Yes. I'm actually typing this from your bedroom closet.
  • lol they might. I wouldn't, I would talk their heads off once I got over my shyness.(which doesn't take me very long) That would be so bizarre if they did though wouldn't it? nevets and keithold would leave links all over. lol
  • Why go into our rooms? Let's just all chill in the living room and "hop on the Bag" at the same time, asking, answering, and comments while snickering to ourselves. AB bonding time, whee!
  • developing the theme.... perhaps seperate rooms, perhaps one big rooms with lots of desks and computers....NETWORKED not only on AB but chatting online and live!!! I think you would need a multiple personality to keep track of not only who you are talking too, but are they live or online..... Add some comestibles and liquids....and candles...for mood.... AB may never be the same again....
  • I wouldn't put it beyond the realm of possibility.
  • i'd lock the doors and force every to stay out-side and talk. i get the feeling some here don't know what sun-shine and fresh air are.
  • Sure, ask this question when I'm away, Ms. Smarty Pants. Yes, direct contact with such a bunch of loons could be potentially harmful. I would hunker down in my secret bunker and only come out when the coast is clear! I would definitely rate this scenario a Code Red....very troublesome....very, very the question!
  • I must say I enjoyed this question immensly and starting laughing so loud my room mate wanted to know what movie I was watching... And now an answer... I bet we would spend less time on the bag because we would have eachother to live with! I know I would personally be picking their minds at every second I got a chance.
  • Funny, I could picture this in my mind. It could definetly happen.
  • I would leave sticky notes all over the house for hints where to find me ( I"M shy) and whoever found me first would get a really big surprise...I'm really a guy!!!! If no one comes to look for me after 3 days please knock on the back closet door and let me out....:)
  • That would be so funny and it sounds like an awesome idea but lets just buy the house so we don't have to pay rent and btw I bags the room right across from you Jodie :)
  • HA HA HA. Yes, probably. That's kinda what me and browndog do, at least, and there's never a dull moment. I wish I had thought to ask this first!! lol. As long as everyone didn't communicate in online lingo :-P

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