• I like them sauteed in whole butter with chopped pecans.
  • I steam it. sometimes when it is done I sprinkle a bit of cheese on it.
  • Steamed with butter salt and pepper.
  • Steamed, buttered, seasoned and with cubed pancetta.
  • They are all good.
  • Whatever you do, cook them thorouhly. I usually do the butter and salt and pepper routine. They are good in veggie salads too.
  • I prefer with my mouth. ;) Seriously, dip them in white vinegar before you eat them.
  • One of my favorite ways is to roast them, especially with the meat if I'm eating them with a roast. I like to cut up some onions in quarters or use shallots, add Brussels sprouts and some olive oil, scatter them on the bottom of the pan and place the roast, (like a pork loin roast slathered in mustard and rosemary and garlic) right on top or on a rack above. The Sprouts get almost nutty and sweet. Awesome!!!
  • My mother used to make them, and sprinkle Kraft American Cheese on them. They don't make that cheese much, any more, apparently. When she didn't have any, she melted American Cheese Slices over them. (After salting and peppering them, of course.)
    • mushroom
      Cheese is cheese. Anything with added nouns (slices, product, spread, food) is no longer cheese in my book. That said, I like Brussels sprouts steamed or roasted.
  • Steamed but not too much or they get mushy. Then transfer to a sauce pan after sauteeing some onions, bacon, and garlic in butter. Yep, they be good!
  • i like to put garlic, ( real cloves) then some lemon pepper in with a half cube of butter. steam that then throw it in a pan with onions and sate' it.. then add some bbq sauce. like famopuse daves sweet and sassy.. just a small bit to glaze them and then eat em.. if ya dont like the bbq sauce. sprinkle cheese on em i like white american.
  • If someone else does it for me :)
  • Quickly.
  • Not at all!
  • all sound delicious but i liked the sound of the roasted ones. I think i would try putting some EVOo and house seasoning (salt, pepper, ranch dressing(dry), garlic powder, and onion powder) then put them under the broiler for a bit. this works really good for asparagus and green beans.
  • I roast them with olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • seasoned and roasted in a pan. i love brussel sprouts

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