• no more harm than spreading religions.
  • Gee...I don't recall anyone ever going to war "For Atheism and country!"
  • I certainly wouldn't think so.. Why do you ask - are you being bothered by evangelists for Atheism ? Actually what we atheists need is a national Sunday morning science show to go head to head with all those creepy TV evangelists.....just a little something to counteract their propaganda with our own.
  • Ignorance about what the concept of atheism actually means is what is making the religious right all paranoid about it. For one thing atheism is freedom from the ancient supernatural and the extremely unnatural beliefs about eternal hell fires and demons, creation and other magic stuff, y'know kind of more positive and progressive, maybe. Compare Sweden as an example of being rated one of the most ideal places in the world to live.. and about 85% secularised.. no crazy fear mongering religious right people to have to put up with. WHEW!
  • We have never been a secular people. Maybe we should try that. No more doctors being shot, no more buildings having airplanes flown into them, and no more 'oh, hire him, he's jewish'. Or any other crap like that.
  • God is the base of all morals, ethics, truth, justice, love and rightness in this world. Without those qualities where is purity and goodness in this world? The world would become immoral and destructive as it is becoming with the environment and the unfair social and economic living conditions of many in this world. Atheism is the lack of understanding of God. When someone can't understand something fully, how can it be beneficial? Everything believe it or not, is based and comes from God. I'll use US government for example, when we go to Court don't we swear on the Bible and isn't our money and laws under God We Trust? God is hope and faith and without those two things how could anyone get through the hurdles of life? God teaches us perseverance and in this world, especially now in this economy with 10% American unemployment rate; we need these qualities the most to survive. God also teaches us tolerance. We learn from God to love all people regardless of their race, sex, and gender because they are all children of God. Society needs morals to function and that is God.
  • I would say it is very good for society.
  • no , it helps ! woulden't you want someone to tap you on the shoulder and say "hey .. you are being lied to ". .... i guess you could "REALLY" call it being "saved" . it is sad to see someone get scammed into joining a cult that opposes you .
  • That would be a good question to pose to survivors of Stalin, CeauÅŸescu, Mao, and PolPot.
  • No, it's beneficial. All theists have done is have people killed and slow down man's advances into technology. With more atheists, science would probably become more popular and would advance the human race greatly. Imagine if there wasn't ever a Jesus back in the year zero, from then until now we would have made tremendous progress.
  • I don`t know.......Lets find out!
  • How does one "spread" a LACK of belief in something? It seems to me that religions are doing the "spreading".
  • No, it is not. I usually try to give a more in-depth or witty answer, but I'm not feeling witty and the question is quite simple.
  • If you mean spreading rationalism then it would be a wonderful thing. If you mean spreading a blind lack of faith the way religions spread a blind faith then it would be no improvement over traditional missionary efforts. +5
  • there is no spreading...there is a word for it though, epiphany, you should be familiar with THAT word.
  • no, everyone has their thing, let them do it. trying to stop it will make even more war.
  • Quite the opposite. The sooner we stop wasting so much money, time and energy on pursuing primitive myths and the irrational laws and behaviour associated with them, the better.
  • I think it is. I think without religion people tend to be more individualistic. That can be good, but taken too far it could lead to broken, unwelcoming societies. Religions brings people together in a way few other things do.
  • You can't really "spread" atheism, beyond raising your own children as atheists. "Spreading" atheism among wider society is more like trying to convince people to unshackle themselves from theism.
  • If the specific local society was a theocracy, then YES. But globally speaking it would only spread some resentment from a few extremists, and although the extremists might harm the society in retaliation, the atheism itself will not directly harm the society, NO.
  • VERY harmful. Inasmuch as did freeing the slaves harmed society.
  • No -- athiests aren't spreading a faith, they're spreading a conviction that actions and opinions should be based on objectively observable facts and logical conjecture arising from those facts. . Although I am a Christian, I find it useful to keep in mind the distinction between what I can prove and what I believe. . It's not an easy line to walk, but athiests do have the habit of reminding us all of the distinction, and its importance.
  • It's not swine flu. And who has time to spread atheism anyway? It's all I can do just to keep religion off my back.
  • Oh no, what would happen if people were encouraged to do historical research and think critically about who might or might not be telling the truth and why?

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