• Happiness Family Real Friends Love Respect Space A Sense of Accomplishment The World An Ocean An important Country
  • A Nimitz Class aircraft carrier A Virginia Class submarine An Ohio Class submarine Microsoft Government Healthcare Bill An F-22 Raptor A B-2 Bomber Pennsylvania Interstate 99 New Cooper River Bridge (Charleston, SC) More than 64,800,000 20 ounce bottles of water from a vending machine. (Curiously enough, the same amount of water from your tap would cost you about $34,425, or about 19,125 British Pounds)
  • Another head for your body A time travel machine A teletransporter A returnticket to Mars A lightning bolt The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow A living dodo The Hubble telescope The Eiffel tower from Paris Peace in the middle east.....
  • Immortality. Souls of the dead. 50 million British pounds. Mars. Hitlers Brain. Sanity Whitehall. A B 2 Bomber. The A-12 Tony Blair, ( America already owns him and he's not for sale...).
  • My own sub-tropical island complete with estate, servants, a small village - my own pier with yacht, landing strip with private jet & helicopter...
  • 46 billion pounds, 47 billion pounds, 48 billion see where I'm going with this right?
  • I don't know, but I'm scouring the house for the lottery tickets and I don't even play!
  • 1. 46 million and so on 2. that's about it.
  • A one way ticket out of the UK and back to Pakistan for those who should be leaving.
  • My personal photo albums. They're not for sale.
  • Controlling shares of JPMorganChase Controlling shares of Goldman Sachs Controlling shares of Royal Dutch Shell Controlling shares of Exxon Mobile Controlling shares of Barclays Controlling shares of Boeing Corporation Controlling shares of Microsoft Controlling shares of Intel A Boeing 747 An Airbus A380

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