• When the creativity pertains to darkness over beauty.
  • When you destroy it.
  • art is in the eye of the beholder and i think many thins in nature and humanity are beautiful and displayed right can be art in its own form. even anger, fear, all basic human emotions are and art in their own right. sex and the human body are art, there are many humans who have bodies that are too beautiful, and sex is a very beautiful act when portrayed as such.
  • Abtract art. Splashing paint on a canvas....
  • when its moved beyond the reach of sentient experience so that no one is around to appreciate it
  • when its a tea cup sitting on a plate. modern art is total bull shit.
  • I think when it is purposely done with propaganda in mind or a forcing of the viewers to sway their opinion or emotions to a certain road
  • As long as people exist and the idea of expressing a belief or feeling in a creative way exists, art will always be dependently related.
  • When there is no heart.
  • When there is no thought or intention in it's creation, and no emotional response in those who view it.
  • When does the mundane become art? When the artists says it's art? When somebody is gullible enough to pay money for it? Modern art is largely bad art, where concept has trumped talent. But even bad art is somebody's art. Check out the prices on Pollocks and Rothkos, etc. Talentless garbage, all of it. But suckers abound.
  • When some hillbilly rube with a dubious aesthetic sense likes it too?! ;-)
  • I've been asking this question forever and I'm still waiting for a good answer. . Though I prefer the question: "When does something start being art?"
  • When you crap on a plate and take it to an art museum for display.
  • When it involves urine and elephant dung.
  • Hope you don't mind if I ramble.. Myself, I consider art to be something everyone perceives differently and separately. Art itself is one's own perception of their world and from there stems many different kinds of ways, styles and reasons one expresses their "art" to the world, be it for intellectual, commercial or some other reason. So I guess when a certain form or style or individual piece of art stops being art it is the sole discretion of the individual viewer and what does or does not offend or appeal to their individual tastes. IMO art cannot stop being art unless that piece of art's creator no longer deems it to be art. Just because a piece might offend someone in some way doesn't make it any less a work of art...there's no definition of art stating it was all happy trees and fluffy should not only entice our senses with pleasantries..we experience a whole realm of emotions and our art should reflect the tragedy, evil and pain of mankind as well.
  • when everything weird n bizarre is considered art like this one time they had this show at our university by an acclaimed artist, i couldnt wait..n what were considered master pieces were these pieces of brick on the floor, just pieces of brick which made a square shape, i was like is that supposed to be art..??
  • When they fuck it up like everything else.
  • If guided by intuition only AND nobody gets an emotional response then it's not art, it's just accidental. If just one person thinks it's art, then it's art, whether intentional or not. If nobody thinks it's art then it's not art.
  • When it ceases to elicit a response. Or it's not made by people (art by definition, is human made).
  • is that even possible? i suppose in individual minds it is but to me i see art everywhere.
  • When the artwork is created by someone who is out of paint, lol

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