• It's usually a pretty useless thing ... it might feel "good" for a minute, but doesn't really solve much.
  • God is revengeful and forgiving, perhaps there is a happy medium.
  • I believe in the type of revenge that doesn't cause anyone physical or psychological harm. I believe in throwing whipped cream pies at people's faces.
  • Once in awhile it's a good thing - but usually it's a waste of time.
  • Very very bad. It will boomerang back at you. Trust me. It may not be instant karma, but you will pay. We here in the good ol' USA are just finding this out.
  • Good if successful.
  • Depends if you're the reverger or the revengee.
  • Forgiveness is far more powerful.
  • BAD, in any way shape or form. For the better of humanity, we must have forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • It is not a good thing but some people make you want it.
  • Depends on the situation. +4
  • Good i think ,,, and think it's called justice days
  • I don't believe in it and I have never engaged in it so I suppose that means I think it is a bad thing. It is corrosive and harms the person who engages in it far more than the target. That seems very illogical to me...why would I want to harm myself? So I don't do it! :)
  • It is generally a bad thing and serves no real purpose.
  • Well, if it's cold. Not usually worth it. But there are those times. . .
  • Revenge is allowing the wrong emotions to control you. Forgiveness is extremely powerful, but can equally be extremely difficult. But if you don't forgive, YOU have a problem, as well as the other. It's much like sueing: only one party is guilty, but both parties are present in court! Since the judgement will not take place in this life this relationship of "you hurt me, and I'm going to sue you for it" is going to last for your whole life. For our own good God wants us to forgive everyone that wrongs us; but often that is too big a task to do. That is why it is a process that can take months, but is key to you getting rid of your emotions. Forgiving basically means you withdraw your claim. You're basically saying "God, whatever this man (or women) did, is between You and him(or her), I'm no longer going to be involved with it". You are now free, emotionally and spiritually. If you take revenge on the other hand, your playing judge, and you don't have that place. Now you're not only commiting the same crime yourself, you've also given that person the right to 'sue' you back :P. even if both claims are equal, and he/she would 'sue' you for the exact same amount as you 'sue' him/her, there are now TWO trials going on to sort the matter out. do you understand the analogy I'm trying to show?
  • For me it's a good thing. Otherwise I would have to go through life feeling like a victim. Plotting revenge gives me a sense of empowerment. +3
  • It's never a good thing. It only leads to never-ending arguments.
  • Depends on how badly it's deserved and how terrible your vengeance will be. It also makes it better if you can get away with it. =P
  • "Revenge" is a bad thing. I know that for myself, revenge causes temporary satisfaction. However, what I've done stays with me and doesn't sit well with me. Hate is easy. Forgiveness is for the strong, contrary to the belief that forgiveness is for the weak. Forgiveness does not mean shoving what the other person did so far back that you force yourself to forget about it. It means actually letting it go for once and for all and holding no hard feelings for that person.
  • can we have "positive revenge"? . for the harbinger, its always bad, assuming its negative. for the recipient, it's almost always bad. for society, it's mixed.
  • it may seem sweet at first but really what goes around comes around and it can make things worse
  • Revenge for the purpose of feeling better or "being even" is wrong. Unless You feel that this person doesn't feel sorry at all and/or there is a possibility this person will repeat this and similar acts again. But it wouldn't be revenge as a matter of fact, if You don't take a sadistic satisfaction from this person's suffering (or death) or from some wicked form of feeling "justice has been served". . For example if someone did something, but not on purpose or just was exceptionally stupid and now sees the thing as it is and You can obviously see this person is suffering of guilt and would never ever repeat it and is willing to repent through good deeds, I don't see a reason for full revenge and would deem controlling this person, whether He/She actually feels guilty and it's not just pretending and will honestly keep repenting. . This way You gain a person that already "learned the lesson" (if He/She really did) and will serve people and possibly prevent others from doing the same.
  • I believe revenge is a tool to drop your intelligegence level. Be samrter thanthe person who wronged you. It is a bad thing.

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