• BitTorrent clients are programs that can open files with a .torrent file extension that allow users to download data from other users running the same torrent file. BitTorrent clients may run slowly for the same reasons that normal Internet downloading and browsing lags, but they can also be hampered by issues specific to using torrent files.

    Network Usage

    One of the easiest ways to increase BitTorrent download speeds is to make sure that you are allocating as much network bandwidth to your downloading as possible. If you have other computers on your network that are using the Internet, cancel all processes on them that make use of the Internet, especially file downloads. Also, cancel processes on your own computer that are using up bandwidth, such as direct downloads using your web browser or video streaming. If you use a wireless network, set up your computer closer to your router to boost the wireless signal, and remove physical obstructions between your computer and router.

    Choosing Torrents

    The speed of torrent downloads depend largely on which torrent files you use. Torrent files have a certain number of seeds and peers; seeds are users that have finished downloading a file but are still offering the file for uploading, while peers are users that are currently downloading a file but are able to upload certain parts of the file. You should always try to download torrents with as many seeds as possible, since peers may not have all the data required to finish a download. For rare or old files, it may be difficult to find torrents that have many seeds or peers, and in this case, you may not be able to do much to increase your download speed.

    BitTorrent Settings

    The settings you use on your BitTorrent client can have a large impact on download speed. Most BitTorrent client programs allow you to set options such as maximum upload speed, download speed, connections per torrent, and uploads per torrent. Some clients punish download speeds if you set your upload speed too low; consider setting upload speeds at around 85 percent of your connection's maximum upload speed, but reduce the number of simultaneous uploads to three or less. Increasing the maximum number of connections can help download speed.

    Hardware and Internet Service

    In the end, your download speed will depend on your network hardware and your Internet service. One way to potentially increase download speeds is to load new drivers for your network card or use a new network card or router. New driver software can usually be downloaded and installed for free from the websites of hardware makers. If you have a slow Internet service such as a dial-up 56k modem, you may need to upgrade to a faster service like DSL or cable to increase BitTorrent download speeds.


    General Downloading Tips

    BitTorrent Downloading Tips

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