• Americans have to register before they can vote and, although it isn't compulsory, most Americans register as either Republican or Democrat. They don't have to declare a political allegiance, but more do than don't. Therefore they have labelled themselves right at the start of the electoral process.
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      That's interesting.
  • May party does not define my beliefs. I define my party's beliefs. There is a sliding scale within each party from liberal to conservative. Therefore it is more accurate that I define myself, consistent with my beliefs, to be anywhere from liberal to conservative.
  • People seem to have a label for everything. I think that is foolish. We are all unique individuals. I define myself as an Independent. I dislike both parties . I believe in a common sense moderate approach to life. Both parties have valet points. I think Politicians should do what is best for the working American people. They rarely do.
  • Allways vote for the 'Green Party'...we have that here in Aus...
  • We live in a sound-bite-judgmental, punitive society with little room for subtext.
  • It's kind of like how people call agnostics 'fence sitters'. People expect everyone to pick a side, because they are dumb and just want to fight.
  • It’s a team mentality which benefits nobody except the two major parties themselves by creating false animosities toward the opponents, and spurring unfounded loyalties to their own "team", "the other side is evil". The need for most people to belong to a group, also known as the herd mentality is a driving force for this phenomenon. In truth we are all conservative on some issues and are liberal on others. Most Americans will find that they are truly somewhere in the middle of these two descriptions, however their herd mentality will keep them loyal to their chosen team no matter what, and any criticism to their team or loyalties thereof sparks a purely emotional response.
  • I am a conservative and I don't want to waste my vote so I vote...usually Republican..and waste it anyway. I identify myself as a conservative because that is the way I live life..generally. I am fun loving and I care about my fellow man deeply but I try to be financially responsible and when I get a bill for something I medicine or an auto..I don't walk around asking my neighbors to chip in and help me..I pay for it myself. Am I being old fashioned? I don't want my children taught values and morals and politics by some public school teacher..I want the public schools to teach the R's..and leave the rest to me. " Give a man a fish and he will have fish that day..give a man a vote and he will vote himself free fish until the economy collapses."
  • Because it's part and parcel of the human mentality. It's a paradigm that's spoon fed to us since the days of the nipple. We vs Them. God vs Devil. etc. Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.
  • It's not American's... And it's not just politics. Although it does drive me crazy how American's have this 'You're a republican, you must be an ignorant, intolerant, narrow-minded racist'... 'You're a democrat, you must be a whiney, politically correct pansy with no back-bone' Mentality you seem to have going over there. Every single person we meet, we categorise almost instantly. Theist/Atheist, rich/poor, Nationality, male or female, attractive/unattractive, Smart/Dumb, Young/Old... The list goes on! We treat people differently according to which of these attributes they have, and comparing them to our own... It's just human nature in my opinion.
  • Liberalism and conservatism are political and social philosophies, they are normally not parties (not the main parties in the US). For some people, this political philosophy is more important than the party they vote for. The most influential parties for executive and for legislative in the US are the Republicans and the Democrats. So people often tend to identify with one of those. Democrats are often liberal and Republicans are often conservative. However, there could be conservative Democrats or liberal Republicans.
  • I think it helps to define people by the issues they support. If you flip flop on things that contradict one anthoer it says you are a person not worth even paying attention to.
  • I think it has to do with wanting to belong to a group (much like clicks in highschool). I hate the way politics are here. Most peoples belief are actually moderate when you discuss the beliefs without discussing affiliations.
  • The real problem is that there is no actual political party that represents what most Americans feel. I would label myself as a progressive but I don't believe in ideology. I am not politically correct and don't believe that we are well served by either parties. The current crop of Republicans appear to have more in common to the Fascist ideology of corporate rule than real conservatives. The Democrats seem to be spineless pseudo-reformers more interested in smoothing conflicts with the Fascist sympathizers than rescinding the laws and unconstitutional practices of previous administrations. In effect, we have lost our democracy and moral rudder. We are declining into a state where progress may no longer be possible. I fear that my children and grand children will have to survive in a country that looks more like the dissolved Soviet Union than the United States were I was raised.
  • My political views are to the left of center and I refer to myself as a liberal from time to time, and I am registered as a Democrat. I don't ever refer to myself as a Democrat because the party does not represent me very well. They are a lesser of evils. It is human nature to label things. Our brains do it all the time so that we can navigate the world more efficiently. This is just an extention of that process.
  • I DON'T like labels!!! I'm a registered Independent who votes for whichever candidate who, in my opinion, lies the least!!! Personally, I'd be happy to have the option "None of the above"!!!
  • they have been brain washed by the Democrats it never used to be the case when speaking to a forienger to bang on about how bad Trump is? Example when selling airconditionier controls to an Aussie finalising the order over the phone , tossers from New York would bang on about how bad Trump was. Now the same tossers are out of business we buy from a mob in Texas .
  • Why do so many non-Americans call out Americans for what everyone does? Jealous much? Even grade schoolers try to put a label on you. They even get mad when you don't neatly fit in a group so they can label you. Nerd, jock, artsy, musical, rich, poor... Sometimes even groups try to sub-categorize you. I taught my grandson to call people by their names, and if he doesn't know their name ask them.
  • Labels like Conservative and Liberal didn't mean much until recently when political division has put the future of this country (US) in a precarious position to defend its existence from Communism. Where a person stands socially and politically makes a difference in the direction this country is going - a lot is at stake.

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