• The only way to get good at this is PRACTICE. Nobody can explain it to you and make you any better, sorry.
  • You pratice man what do you think there is no specail button you push do make the car turn better or work better so its all you.
  • Reverse around the first cone. As soon as you see two cones (one in the left mirror and one in the right mirror) straighten up. Go straight back for a short distance until you've almost cleared the first cone. When you're almost past the first cone, turn your steering wheel to straighten your car within the box. Go straight back, adjusting slightly if necessary.
  • everybody fails at least once or none at all. even the best drivers fail
  • Animated graphical representation of Ohio Maneuverability at
  • Get 6 pylons, and 6 thin rods (or sticks). Put the pylons out to simulate the box of a parallel parking spot. Practice parallel parking. This will teach your mind where the boundaries of your car are, without the risk of hitting another car. Go as tight as you can to the cones, and after a few times you should learn the dimensions of your car. You can also find a small street (no traffic) with a long bare curb. Go to the end, stop, and back up in a straight line. It's best if you have someone watch from behind so they can tell you how you did. This will teach you what it feels like to back up straight. Watch all 3 of your mirrors, look out the back window, and remember to check the front of the car often. You shouldn't need to look at the wheel at all. Like has been said here already, practice. All the tips in the world don't compare to 1 hour of practice. Fuel up, throw on those shoes, adjust the mirrors, and head off to an empty parking lot. Have fun.
  • i know you've probably already taken the test, (the date was from march), but for other people: you pull up to the cones, to straight, and once your mirrors are at the 2nd set of cones you make a half a turn in whatever direction they tell you to go in, then you wait until your front end is at the front cone and straighten the wheel, when the mirrors are at the cone you turn half a turn the other way until your back bumper is at the cone. Now to reverse. You keep the wheel that way and look in the opposite mirror from which way you went from the cone, and back up until the cone is 7-12 inches from your car in the mirror. Then turn your wheel a half a turn, back up until you have pavement in your mirrors from both back cones in both mirrors, Straighten up and glide back. :) easyyy peasy. ALSO: it's best not to even use the gas at all during the test. hope i helped anyone out there looking for tips to pass the dreaded testtt!
  • I just took it today and Failed, it , I stopped too many times, I watch 2 other people take the test and they knocked the cones over. I dread this and what a stupid rule, you can not stop too often, if you were out on the road you would use your brakes as much as possible to make it a safe manuver as not to hit another car or wreck your own, so I do not agree on the stopping part of it, Another stupid rule for Ohio
  • obrien, give me an idea of what is required and I'll see if I can give you some helpful tips. There are tricks to these things you know ;o)

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