• I am not a Jehovah's Witness but Peter is quite distinct in his usgae of the word "spirit". . When Peter wishes to make reference to angelic beings, whether good or evil, he explicitly uses the word "angelos" (angels), rather than "pneuma" (spirits). . By weighing this evidence, it is safe to conclude that these spirits are humans and not demonic angels.
  • First we have the clue given in verse 20 that we're talking about those from the time of Noah. Now the Old testament says the following. Ecclesiastes nine chapter 5. Tells us that the Dead are dead and conscious of nothing. So there is no way that Jesus could go preach to the spirits of somebody that is dead and conscious of nothing. Whoever Jesus went to preach to in the prison which I believe he is referring to the prison of the Angels from The book of Enoch. Those spirits were alive not dead and conscious of nothing. The legend says that some of the Angels that followed Lucifer and took wives for themselves returned to heaven. And they said to God we have sinned and done what is wrong due to us whatever you must do to us we will not follow Lucifer again. And God imprisoned them in what the book of Enoch calls the prison of the Angels and promised them. That they would receive their chance of redemption and forgiveness when Jesus Christ came upon the scene. So Jesus Christ went and talked to those prisoners in jail and they're waiting the day that the abyss is opened and the devil and his demons are in prison. And although the Bible does not tell us that day nor does it tell us many details on this it is my opinion from reading the Bible is it on the day that Jesus grabs the devil and the demons and throws them into the abyss that the disobedient spirits that have been in jail. And repented will be set free they will be allowed to return to their service to God in heaven.
  • The Bible is complete bronze-age nonsense, so you really have nothing to worry about.
    • Arimatthewdavies
      Well why are you in the religious section asking questions about the Bible is it to ridicule people if so do me a favor just don't answer any of my questions or respond to them
  • That is not "my theology". I have good reason to believe that it refers to people. Namely: the immediate textual context. See the following sentences. Continue reading to at least 1Pe 4:6. It seems clear that the author is referring to the people who died before and/or during the Deluge.
  • The Bible tells you many times in the Old testament that when a person dies they're dead and conscious of nothing at all. The spirits of people return to the god that gave it and in that very day all their thoughts perish. That is a direct quote from the Bible. If the spirit that returned to God had any consciousness whatsoever their thoughts would not perish! So the spirits that we are talking about are conscious spirits that disobeyed God the sons of God that disobeyed him at the time of Noah. They are the same spirits that are spoken of in the Apocrypha book of Enoch

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