• Thanks for making me aware of Gömböcs -- I'd never heard of them. A casual Google search turned up nothing but the expensive product you mentioned. Searching eBay came up totally empty. Maybe this is why: " The main technological challenge in producing a Gömböc is its extremely small size tolerance: a Gömböc of diameter 10 cm admits a tolerance less than 0.1 mm." source: If you like 'roly-poly' objects, check out so-called supereggs, invented by mathematician Piet Hein. These are ellipsoids of rotation where the exponent in the underlying equation is changed from 2 to a number greater than 2. They are stable standing upright. Wikipedia has an article: Good luck!
  • Go to Currently they only sell to Hungarian clients but within days they will have an English site with creditcard payment. They sell G

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