• I don't care when it was, a child should never be hit!
  • I'm sure it happened.Attitudes to discipline were quite different in the past than they are today.
  • He probably went to a Catholic school...
  • I don't see why not. I bet he was never cheeky to that teacher again.
  • An ass whippin is sometimes good for the soul..not to mention attitude in any era :)
  • no..spanking is one thing but being humiliated in that fashion is going just a bit too far. And bare bottom spanking shouldn't be done either. A swat on a fully clothed bottom with the hand is what I consider a spanking. The hand is usually hurt a lot more than the bottom.
  • That sort of thing could have happened, though it is slightly more likely that the father was the disciplinarian for a child of this age. The implement of choice could have been anything from a leather strop (used for sharpening a razor) or a leather belt to an electric cord or wooden spoon. A kid of ten would probably have been positioned against something - a desk or a table etc - for the spanking, as he would be quite heavy for his mother to support in her lap. The description you've used - spanking across mother's knee while a woman looks on, sounds somewhat like a sexual fantasy rather than an actually occurrance, though, because of the inclusion of that humiliation factor. Of course, it could have happened. Discipline was a lot harsher forty odd years ago.
  • Would like to hear/read the whole story. If the teacher was the only witness then absolutely OK. When I was in grammar school in the 1950's spanking was on bare bottom but in the coat room. Just you and the teacher, almost all nuns. Only serious or repeat offenses were spanked in front of the entire class on the bare bottom. Maybe 1 or 2 or none a year.
  • That's a classic 'spanking story' scenario. And of course, the ritual is deliberately drawn out to maximize the shaming of the naughty boy...the teacher watching closely as his pants are taken down, and then never taking her eyes off his nicely rounded, jiggly backside while his mother paddles it pink across her knee. No question he's getting the punishment he deserves.
  • He was cheeky to his teacher twice, then.
  • I don't think that is acceptable in any decade.
  • Only a moron and a bad parent would think that beating their children would serve them well.
  • I live in England and I was born in the 1970s, but regardless of that I don't think that was either necessary or appropriate.
  • I used to get spanked at that age, but not in front of teachers.
  • At that time such behaviour would have been likely to result in a spanking most anywhere.
  • From my experience being hit on the hands with a ruler, an oak pointer, grabbed by the cheek and led to the corner and one time by the hair by nuns, it did not have the desired effect to change my behavior. I zoned out while being punished, and somehow knew they were wrong in some way. Often got a D in "conduct" I do realize that some children are emotionally traumatized. I just noticed how my tolerance for pain increased. I also noticed also that I cared much less in pleasing an abusive nun. I think sexual frustration is a strong factor in much of this punishing behavior.
  • Why not? I would have enjoyed that.
    • Roaring
      The only satisfaction I remember from these situations is that I could see that these nuns were wrong and ineffective in changing behavior. Anyone using these punitive actions lose my respect and thus lose credibility.I didn't break the rules on purpose, I was a free spirit then and continue to be in life in many ways.

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