• Microsoft Word is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, and it's not available for free. But there are some great freeware alternatives to Microsoft Office, such as: IBM Lotus Symphony:
  • All the versions require purchasing. You can get it for 30 days as a trial but after that you have to pay. I understand "open office" is very similar and that is free. You can download that from
  • I don't think you can.
  • Microsoft didn't get where it is today by *giving* stuff away. There are only three ways to get Word: 1) Buy it 2) Buy computer that has it pre-installed... but the cost of Word/Office is added into the price of the system 3) Break the law and get a bootleg copy... and it would be illegal to do so, so we can't tell you how/where to do that. Try OpenOffice. - It's Office-compatible and totally free :)
  • You can buy the MS - Office software automatically you can have Microsoft Word, Excel ,Power point..etc
  • i dont think you can get it for free
  • You can get it free is you are in school or college, just ask the admins at the office. As for free - Open Office is far better and it's free :

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