• Scriptures and Mythology of all organized religion are limited by person, place and time; because their content is limited by the knowledge and intelligence of those who first proposed the idea. * Although Eastern civilizations traded widely with Europe, all events in Hindu & Buddhist mythology happened at places where these religions had influence. * So when Cain murdered his brother Abel, he could easily emigrate from 'Lord's presence' eastwards (Nod), build a city (Enoch) and prosper for generations! (Genesis-4:16-18). * Biblical god must be some local warlord of limited influence over his Eden, as Bible clearly describes (prosperous) places on (flat!) earth without God’s presence, where it was entirely possible for deported and exiled murderers like Cain to prosper for generations! e.g., The city of Enoch, Nod, east of Eden! (Genesis-4:16-18). How impotent, powerless and pro-criminal is the Lord! (Cain never repented, according to Bible!)
  • Be aware that the Bible has been edited several times.
  • "Lied in the Far East." I'd bet that they also told the truth in the Far East. There is no mention in any portion of the Bible of the Far East at all. Maybe the Hebrew God didn't know there WAS a Ear East. Or, just possibly, perhaps the human writers of those books that we call "The Bible" didn't know.
  • +4 There some references in the OT to civilizations to the East of Israel but they are not what you would call the Far East - China isn't mentioned for instance. . The Persian Empire is mentioned in the OT and this extended almost up to what we might call the Far East. It had become the Parthian Empire by the time of the NT and was considerably smaller by then, but it was a competitor/enemy of the Romans, so travel to it and through it if you were from a Roman province wasn't common.
  • None, therefore the Far East does not exist.

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