• Nope, there's not even any evidence that jesus even existed at all lol. So looking for some that he was two people is non existent, and absurd anyways.
  • Can you first present evidence that jesus existed, then we can get into his composition....
  • Besides the Bible, Jesus existence was corroborated by Josephus. In an era when writing materials were rare and expensive and few people were literate, the fact that there is more than one source that cites the existence of any one man who was not politically important is pretty amazing. And in fact, the Bible isn't just one book, but a compilation of many different sources. You have many different authors in different places and times all writing about the existence and the words of one man. I doubt the originals of the books and letters in the Bible were ever all in the same room together. So they are actually all different corroborating sources.
  • I don't think so.

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