• Yes. Suicide. +4
  • death cures all ills.LOL Failing that, a good slap upsides the head with reality three times a day might do it.
  • Well ! i would first ask my self why i was asking this question ??,,,,is it help your after !! or do you just like taking PILLS ,,,,and not the beer ,,,,hehe
  • A bullet
  • A little learning will help, but not cure.
  • the cure is the Peter Principle.
  • The only cure is learning from your own mistakes.... We are all stupid in our own ways....
  • No. Stupid people are there for everyone else's entertainment.
  • nup. we just all stay stupid for life :P
  • I've found ATVs, cars, shotguns... stupid people luckily often take themselves out doing something stupid.
  • As long as the stupidity is not born of a retarded brain, education and enhanced social exposure/interaction will cure it.
  • No that I know. Please, let me know if you find one. Sometimes I have the fantasy about how a piece of duck tape can make miracles to stop the train of stupid words comming out of the stupid clown of my working place.
  • 1) You mean for stupidity? 2) "Nobel laureate flags cure for stupidity: James Watson, the US biologist who won a Nobel Prize for his role in unlocking the structure of DNA 50 years ago, has advocated using genetics to "cure stupidity", in a documentary television series to be broadcast next month. People of low intelligence who do not have a recognised mental disability are suffering from an inherited disorder as real as cystic fibrosis or haemophilia, Professor Watson says in the series, according to a report in a British newspaper. In the series which starts this week, Professor Watson, 75, is sceptical of theories that blamed learning disabilities or poverty for poor intellectual performance and says the true cause of poor intelligence and achievement is more likely to be genetic. "If you really are stupid, I would call that a disease. The lower 10 per cent who really have difficulty, even in elementary school" Source and further information: Further information: "Let's cure stupidity, says DNA pioneer" 3) " (1) Turn off your television, (2) Go for a walk in a local park (leave your Blackberry/Bluetooth thingie in the car for 10 whole minutes and pick some REAL blackberries or blueberries along the trail), and (3) Plant a small garden on your patio, rooftop, doorstep, windowsill, or front lawn (either in the ground or in some containers filled with soil). Grow some vegetables and eat them. (4) In the evening, pick up a good book instead of turning on the TV again. Start with something published by Chelsea Green (really, they ARE the best books). (5) Then go walk some more, grow some more veggies and eat them, and read some more books. You will begin to feel healthier and quickly start to notice things that you did not notice before. You will begin paying attention to the birds, the bees, the blossoms (and, yes, the raindrops falling) in this wonderful world of ours. You will start wanting to know more about how the world really works, except that you'll realize it is utterly and completely irrelevant who wins the next American Idol. As you slowly become a self-taught, lifelong learner, one day it will dawn on you that April showers really do bring May flowers. And by then you will be an independent thinker in your own right, so you won't need my advice anymore." Source and further information:
  • Kool-Aid (actually, Flavor Aid).
  • Education. But first the stupid person must want to learn.
  • Sadly, no

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