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  • It's a plastic tube with on in opened to accept your penis and the other end contains a small one-way valve with a tube extending from it ending in a squeezable rubber ball which when used pumps out the ambient air inside to create a partial vacuum. As the vacuum increases the penis enlarges. There are practitioners of this who claim that it will actually increase the flaccid and erect size of the penis. It does have a definite medical use in that those who are for whatever reason not able to have erections or have problems obtaining an erection can use the pump to get an erection which once obtain will be sustained for the duration of intercourse.
  • There was a program on the TV in the UK which compared a couple of these products as this website. A group of 5 men used either a penis pump, creams or the andro penis extender. To my suprise the penis pump vacuums actually worked and added a half an inch on average to a couple of people!! - If only there was a device which decreased the size of the penis ;)

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