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  • most females will say girth is more important than length and if they don't know what to do with it neither matters
  • Sometimes we do talk about that among ourselves but it is more a conversation piece or a status symbol the same as if he had a big car or a big house. Men historically have been very concerned about their size though their concern has not always surfaced to the extent it seems to have lately. But now that concern seems to have affected at least some younger women which is too bad because it never used to. When we like someone we do for his total being and personality and the way he carries himself, his responsibility, the way he treats others etc. And not just for the size of one part of him. Like somehow we measure him first - which I have never done. Getting with someone you hopefully work things out between you so sex becomes great for both of you by trying different things and so finding out the best things that work. Things like men trying to get us to be with them by advertising their size just never happened when I was young and it is an arrogant turn-off more than anything else. Yes some men are pretty enormous but of what use is that when all they want to do is bludgeon me really hard for half an hour until I am sore and maybe have only half an orgasm just so they can go back to their frat brothers and brag that they "made" an older woman "cum"? Men of smaller dimensions can be much more effective with me by learning about me and tailoring their activity with me accordingly. Which is not that some really large men aren't good with me as well. Too much focus these days on such things I think. On the former AB I chatted with a young woman who claimed she would never date a guy of less than a certain size because her yoga instructor said he could not hit the right places for her to have certain kinds of orgasms. Really? Haven't they ever heard of trying different positions and angles and things like that? Only difference that has ever made for me is sometimes when I am on top larger men can be fun to work against for me whereas smaller guys tend to come out more so I have to be more focused in my movements and can't let myself go as much. But that is all.

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