• No. Check out The Aviator or The English Patient.
  • I vote for Dr Zhivago. I have yet to be able to sit through it without falling asleep.
  • There are parts that drag on, but it has some crazy parts like the begining/ ending scene.
  • It is a film that is to be absorbed and taken seriously. I admit I have watched it at less than appropriate times of the day and have fallen asleep. It's a great piece of film, but you have to have a certain state of mind to watch it. Don't look for a space adventure with explosions and romance, etc.
  • I don't know that it is the most boring movie but it has to be close.
  • It was close, until I saw it on a big screen with a dynamic sound system. Another space movie might be the most boing, Marooned. Great cast, slow movie..
  • I loved it. Of course that was a looong time ago. I was a kid and all. Stanley Kuberick was lauded as a genius for this little adventure in space.
  • Good question, and I could see why you might think so. +2 But I'll have to completely disagree with ya! It's a great film, groundbreaking in so many different ways, so ahead of it's time, ahead of the curve.
  • Well. . .not for me. If you think so then it is. But I rather kind of liked it.
  • i can see why someone would think so if they saw the movie now. but you have to appriciate it esp when that movie was made. but i understand how someone would think it.
  • Im not sure, im not someone who constantly needs entertainment spoonfead to them to be entertained, the movie is fantastic if you have patience; believe it or not I get bored with action movies, theres to much going on to keep track.
  • I can understand that some might think so, but I don't. I love the jump cut that spans hundreds of thousands of years -- from the caveman throwing the bone up in the air to the space shuttle.

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