• To me Hitler
  • My EX - he's a do do
  • living that I have met.. the woman suing me. She is as much of a scum as her ambulance chasing laywer.
  • saddam hussin
  • George Bush
  • The bartender who calls last call 10 minutes before he's really supposed to.
  • I can be at times.
  • The one that does not constructively criticize me when I error.
  • James Rebél is by far a pit bull turned viper, and maybe I am sometimes when I have to deal with him. He is my ex husband/husband/ and ex again.
  • My uncle, who whenever you talk to him tells you about how he has spent so little on his groceries at the supermarket. He specialises in buying goods that are out of date. He often finds them before the price has been marked down, and takes them to the assistant. Sometimes he knows what time they will do the price reduction, so he gets there early, puts all the stuff in his trolley, and walks around with it for half an hour. Then at the allotted time, he takes it to the assistant to ask for a reduction. Whether he likes the taste of the food is completely irrelevant. His freezer is full of food that he finds disgusting, such as curry. He eats it, though, because it is cheap. Sometimes he buys 10kg of strawberries and eats them every day for a week, if he can get them very cheap because they are about to go off. Also whenever you tell him you are going to do something, he advises against it because it will cost money. He is too mean to buy a belt, and his trousers hang halfway down his backside.
  • my ex-wife.
  • My uncle, who used to be an accountant and now only counts his own money. He will organise outings around the building societies at the destination. Recently he found a cheap clothes shop and bought his first new underpants for 50-odd years. He claims other people scrounge, but he has scrounged 6 kitchen appliances (fridges, ovens, etc.) from me in the last 20 years - a man from the younger generation!
  • Rush Limbaugh, Osama Bin Laden, and my ex-husband. I think I hate them all equally.
  • condoleezza rice
  • The producers of American Idle. Just.....stop.
  • toss up between Chavez and Bin Laden
  • Leona Helmsley didn't ear the sobriquet Queen of Mean for nothing. Granted she did throw a lot of cash at charities, but she's still pretty mean in my opinion. Lawyer Alan Dershowitz said he once had breakfast with Leona at one of the Helmsley hotels and the waiter brought him a cup of tea with a tiny bit of water spilled on the saucer. Alan says Leona grabbed the cup from him and smashed it on the floor, then demanded that the waiter get down on his hands and knees and beg for his job. On March 31, 1982, Leona's only child, Jay Panzirer, died of a heart attack. Leona sued her son's estate for money and property that she claimed he had borrowed; Mimi, her son's widow, (who lived in a property Leona owned) received an eviction notice. Mimi later said the legal expenses wiped her out and "to this day I don't know why they did it."
  • My grandmother- whenever you try to talk to her she makes everything out of an argument. She never has nothing to say about anyone. And when she does happen say something nice about someone she says it in a very mean tone. She is loud and obnoxious. She was once mad at me over a little peice of fruit. Not only that she had the nerve to go around talking about me becuase of that. She talks about everybody then calls you when she needs a favor. She is a very ignorant lady. Most people love their grandparents, but not me. I must admit, I dont like her. She gets on my nerves so bad that I have to end this synopsid by calling her a "BITCH".

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