• I would say that parents absolutely have the right to see a bus video relating to anything illegal. Whether there is a law that they cannot, I do not know. They should have rights relating to ANYTHING having to do with a child's education.
  • What's the point of having camera if you can't use them for whats needed? I just thought of something you can't have just anyone examine a video of children you don't know who is looking at them either right? I mean they could be freaks looking at who knows what you have to have designated People look.
  • I feel parents have the right to know what their kids r doing at all the times. What's the point of camars if they're not going to show to anybody but the bus company. I feel that's wrong
  • school districts are so risk aversive, they're afraid that anything could be used to sue them. find out who the legal counsel is for the school district. then, find a lawyer who is his/her spouse, business partner, golf club mate ... and ask if there is really a federal law and if you ought to sue to get it and get reimbursed by the school district.
  • I am not taking sides, and I am in the UK. Our law states that my company cannot release video footage if it includes the images of others who will not have given their consent for the footage to be released. We do release the images to the police for them to take up.
  • They probably have to view it FIRST, but they should not be able to deny an eventual viewing.
  • I am a school bus driver and even I have a very difficult time seeing a video when there is a problem aboard my bus. If there is a problem a parent can request an investigation at which time the tapes are pulled, if it hasn't been too long of time. Tapes rewind after several months with the new digital systems, with the old tape systems it was about two weeks. The tape will be reviewed by the school and a report made. The problem is all students are identifiable on the tape if other than the proper authorities view the video it then becomes an invasion of privacy of the other students not involved. When you see a video on TV news it is blurred so the students cannot be identified.

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