• The Earth chilled out.
  • Its getting worse ??
  • The issue cooled off a bit.
  • A more appropriate term would be climate change. I think there is beginning to be evidence of it. Humans are beginning to be able to look at it from many angles with sophisticated equipment. I'm 64 and feel I have seen change. I've lived in the same area all my life. Winters aren't the same and neither is August. We seem to be getting less rain now.
  • from this NASA satalite picture of Earth's two Ozone Holes, seems, It' should be still here and growing stronger every day,
  • we actually have a president
  • Well since the green freaks always yell at me when I say its a hoax, despite the astonding evidence against it, despite the fact that many places are having record cold temps..well, since they wont up and admit what is real, then the only other suggestion is that they have fixed it and reversed it completely.
  • It's been exposed as a fraud. I think it is hilarious that all the emails came out exposing global warming as a scam! Hats off to the hackers!
  • It's all over the news and the web that the so called scientists have been fudging the numbers, concealing contrary evidence and manipulating the facts. I say so called scientists because a scientist looks at the data and draws a conclusion. they aren't supposed to draw a conclusion then manipulate the data to support it. They were busted big time last week.
  • I's probably still hangin around here somewhere
  • What do you mean? What happened? Like it went away? Do you know something the rest of us dont' know? Please share!

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