• Scientology is a scientifically-tested and proven method for lightening your wallet and making you feel more like Tom Cruise at the same time.
  • Scientology was founded by the science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. He wrote the book 'Dianethics', the 'holy book' of Scientology. Scientologists believe that some million years ago, an evil galactic warlord named Xenon dropped some trillion tortured souls in earth's volcanoes. Then some of those souls entered human beings. Scientologists believe that those souls need to free themselves from bad influences, illnesses and mental-problems. They can get rid of those bad influences by burping and farting for example. They claim that humans only use 10% of their brain, while one can practise to use more of it and become more powerful. The goal of a Scientologist is to become an 'Operating Thetan' (OT). They can populate own planets and talk to animals and stuff. In order to become an OT, one has to pass many courses (which cost a lot of money) and undergo readings of one's energy level performed by an 'electrometer', basically two boxes and a wire (which cost a lot of money). Additionally, Scientologists believe that their prophet, L. Ron Hubbard, will come back sometime, so in every Scientology office building, there is one whole empty bureau room waiting for him in case he comes back in this building. That would be it, a brief summary of Scientology. Oh wait, I forgot to mention it: TOM CRUISE!!
  • I looked into this myself a couple of months ago. From what I learned it is a religion that tells you things that you already know and believe and empty's your savings account at the same time. But a lot of their teachings do look good enough to drag almost anyone in, very cult like.
  • Three words... 'It's a cult'. Their own rule book compartmentalizes who gets to know what about the Church of Scientology and prevents them from telling you everything you need to know about their self-proclaimed religion. As an atheist, I'd recommend almost any other religion if you value your life savings and your sanity. Look at what it did to Tom Cruise.

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