• I know how to put gas in and just learned how to change a tire.That is my husbands expertees.
  • Some do, but it doesn't bother me, because it's true.
  • my girlfreinds is great with car and other miscellaneous repars
  • Actually my s/o explains every single thing he is doing or has done like I know what he is talking about. I don't. Sometimes I would rather him treat me like I'm stupid. : ) +3
  • Yes, and it makes me highly P.O'd!!! I can change my own oil and tires, thank you very much!
  • Although i dont know a lot about fixing cars i hate to be treated like a airhead that can't learn. They don't like it if we doubt how they fix them! +5
  • They do, and it pisses me off. Granted, when it comes to car repair I don't know that much, but plenty of women do. I hate it when anyone makes assumptions based on stereotypes. Also, there is a way to explain things to people without making them feel stupid.
  • As my wife is an engineer it drives her mad
  • Just how I like it. We made a deal along time ago inside my territory outside his, car repair is his. I really have no feeling about his troubles outside. Not to sound cold but he could care less about how to get that stain out of his clothes.
  • i am fine i ask them to prepare yada yada in kitchen.. it is mutual respect or good bye... +5
  • I'm a guy. It really burns me to see ladies treated as airheads just because they don't know something. They can learn about mechanical, electrical, etc things just as easily as any man.It's just a matter of motivation to learn. Maybe women should treat men as airheads when they show they can't cook? +5 Doc , excellent question
  • No, since I don't interfere with bonehead mechanics.
  • No, I was trained in mechanics. And as Elanor Roosevelt once said "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" However, I was completely ignored while standing in a car parts store once. He asked to help everyone but me! It pissed me off so bad I knew if I said anything I'd rip him a new one! So I went home and explained to my then husband why I didn't get the part he called and the guy said he assumed I was with someone.
  • not really since i dont have a car
  • If you'd rather walk than ride, you're not worth my time. :P

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