• I guess it would depend on the pet and the bond you have with them. I put up with the good and bad with my cats and dog because I love them. They are my other babies.
  • If you love your pet then sure it is.
  • absolutely YES!!!! I have 4 ferrets, talk about mess.....but i wouldnt give em up for anything
  • Absolutely! Of course if you don't love your pets or have a special bond with them then it may not be worth it to you. But if you have the love in your heart, then definitely!!!
  • If you are ready to take care of them.
  • Only if you are fattening them up for something.....
  • Yes, children are too :)
  • If you have to think about it that way... don't get one. You get pets for the love, companionship, etc... It's like asking if having children is worth the mess.
  • Let me say this; There is NO ammount of $$$$ that i would take for him ... being my dog ... +5
  • I think so, but hey they are way better than kids.
  • Without a doubt they are worth anything and everything to me :D
  • Mine is, love her to bits, she not really that messy Avator +5
  • Pets can make a mess, take plenty of your time and involve lots of work, but definitely worth it. What they give back is immeasurable
  • Oh, that's what people call having cat and dog hair all over the house 2 minutes after I vacuum and sweep my floors and cat food all over the floor and cat litter as well. Yeah, my pets are messy, but my life would be empty without them.
  • Mine are.
  • Most definitely!
  • They are worth what you put into them....time, love and attention...and the funny thing is...that when we have had a bad day and haven't been so nice..or when we haven't had the time to take them for a walk or love on them...they still love us endlessly...yes they make messes but good training and exercise can help eliminate that type of behaviour......I love my boxers so so much and they show us daily how much they love us.
  • If you think of it as a mess, no they wouldn't be worth it. If you don't think of it as a mess but as 'just one of those things' and are willing to deal with it, than just about any kind of pet is worth it. I think that the blesings we get from having pets live with us usually are many more than the possible trouble they cause if we prepare ourselves and our home for their arrival. If we don't give them good care, good discipline if needed, and attention, then no mess is worth it. Just think, researchers have found that having a dog or cat to pet for a few minutes in the morning before going to work has been found to lessen the stress for the whole day and lower blood pressure. When they removed those pets, they didn't get those benefits.
  • For me - absolutely. I have a cat and 2 dogs and about the worst I have to deal with is shedding. If a person is wondering, a pet may not be for them. I know people who have gotten pets only to restrict them to one room, the basement, outside, stc...due to any mess they may make. This is completely unfair and often abusive to the animal. Domesticated animals are social animals and need as much people interaction as possible. Before getting a pet, keep in mind you may have to deal with toilet training, shedding, furniture being clawed, puking, etc... If a person is not ready to deal with those things while not taking their frustrations out on the pet, do not get one.
  • Not to me right now. I may get one one day. But I've had them all of my life and am enjoying having the kids and pets out of the house.
  • Of course I am.
  • Yes! I don't think cats are all that messy. I have to wonder if some people here who don't think pets are 'worth the mess' also have kids, I wonder if they get upset if their kids make even the slightest mess? Kids will be kids...and pets will be pets. In both instances it's about taking the good with the bad, and looking at it as part of having either kids or pets.
  • Yup, they definately are. My dog and cat are the most loyal and faithful friends I have.

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