• I thought it was pathetic that the guy actually thought he would get away with
  • I don't care for CHEATS ... Dave's CHEATING got him what he deserved and I don't feel a bit sorry for him ... However; I do believe that it should be between him and his wife ; and the law .... +5
  • I don't really think of it as a scandal - it seems to be about par for Hollywood. +5
  • Celebrity Love Triangle, Adultery, Revenge It will likely be a movie made for TV next year and books will be written by all involved. Seriously, I don't think we have all the information (nor should we). This is a private matter and David took steps to face the music, publicly...definitely, a good PR move -- but moreso, I think David is genuinely sorry and realizes the heartbreak it has caused his family.
  • Boring boring boring, I would hardly call it a scandal.Why anyone is interested in this is beyond me.
  • What scandal. Mr. Letterman is sweating bullets explaining things to the Mrs. But he stood up to an extortionist.
  • It's not that big of a deal. Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, Milton Berle, etc., etc. All did the same, but it didn't come out.
  • come on people....ratings scam...kind of convient how the actuall extorsion occured more then 90 days ago but its only revealed after the conan/leno switch....come they want ratings and what better way to do it...everybody loves a train wreck and your all gonna tune in to watch it just like they want you to
  • I don't.
  • ...I dont care.
  • I think it is a mountain out of a mole hill. We don't know that he was married when he did the boinking in question and even if he did he has never held himself up as a family values paragon of virtue nor he does collect tax payer dollars to preach and impose his alleged family values through legislation on others while he bangs office help, whores, little boys or people he picked up in airport bathrooms. Has anyone here ever met then had a romance or slept with someone at work? I'd be willing to guess the majority have. The so called "scandal" has life because of the media and the right wingers, still mad over the Palin brouhaha, who fail to make distinctions between a celeb and a politician....but we already knew many have trouble with that distinction in this country haha
  • It's only a "SCANDAL" because someone wants to make something out of nothing or at least tried too, and Dave has been a womanizer for like ever and He has always been rather discreet which shows respect so what is the big deal and no religouse justifications for your answers as long as it is consentual then I see no problem nor "SCANDAL" .. ~Nemo~
  • It should be referred to as the Robert J.Halderman scandal, he is the man who was blackmailing David Letterman.
  • Was it as bad as Clinton's actions?I really don't see this as anything more than any other 'famous' person will do,Brad left Jen for Angie,,people are people so why should it be,you and I should get along so offily?

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