• I, personally, think that it is sort of "weird" but everyone is different. PERIOD.
  • I don't think so. Chances are if a straight guy is going to a salon, its for the purpose of getting a girl.
  • Not at all. I am in sales, so it is very important to look your best. You'd be amazed how many people see the way you care for your skin and hands as an indicator of your character.
  • no actullay i think that it is pretty normal for a guy to do that! my whole faimly does and it helps them fell worth more and not to metion it looks a whole lot better than the oil grease under the nails.LOL
  • Guys should know that a lot of girls really appreciate smooth hands and trimmed fingernails, especially if you are planning on touching girls with your hands.
  • Nothing is wrong with a guy being clean. It is attractive in a way. Does not mean they don't like women. People with money do it all the time, they even wear make-up and no one thinks it is wierd....
  • Not weird, but maybe not common. All of the above reasons are valid, most gals like their man to be well-kept and neat. Having his nails trimmed, cleaned and buffed is a sign that he cares, just as she cares for and makes herself up for him. I think you might be reacting more to the use of nail polish by men, since most guys don't typically use this. Most men either get a natural buff on their finger nails or maybe go for a clear polish (and a matte finish is an option too) when receiving a manicure. It is a bit more common for men to have their toenails polished though. Partly because men's toenails typically look pretty bad without care, some men opt for wearing polish to help cover up discolorations due to injury or yellowed nail beds. What colors are acceptable for men to wear? Well, that has about as many right answers as there are people answering it (including no color). I tend to prefer more subdued and masculine colors like brown, silver, blue and (not sure why, but) even dark maroon. It's not something that any guy can get away with, his nails have to be in decent shape before painting or it ends up looking like many nails we've all seen on guys and gals; scraggly and chipped and gross. And, he has to be totally comfortable wearing polish or it will stick out like it does not belong. So, did I answer your question to your satisfaction?
  • I hate the general opinion (supported by some guys, by the way) that a man should not care about his appearance... I hate seeing the over-grown cuticle on my boyfriend's nails both on hands and feet, so I do some manicure for him with the help of a small manicure device.
  • NOT weird! C'mon girls, do you like the look of broken or bitten ragged nails with dirt under them? Guys should take good care of their nails, even if it's just for the reason of cleanliness. Nail polish on guys is a whole different issue. I liked it when my b/f had a manicure and they used a non-gloss clear on his nails to give them a nice, clean finished look. He's a professional and he needs his hands to look good and cared for. Now here is a twist to the whole nail polish on guys question: I actually painted my b/f's toenails a deep maroon color last summer. He complimented mine and said he really liked the color, so I offered to do his (impulsive reaction I guess). I actually liked them! I had seen this on some guys before and was curious if it would look okay on him. It looked great! And he actually liked it too, so he just kept it on. Not sure why I liked it, but with nicely tanned feet and sandals, it was very cool.
  • I don't think it's weird, though I haven't done it myself.
  • Not weird at all. Well cared for hands are as important on men as women.
  • I've been doing nails for 20 years, I think men need to take care of their hands, and feet for good hygeine, just the same as women should. It also helps medically too.
  • Nice nails on a guys feet and hands should always be a must. There is no excuse for bad hygiene. I take good care of all my nails and do paint my toes. I like the story about the girl painting her B/F nails. Mine look great and my wife likes it too. I.m no less of a man believe me. I just like the look!
  • Meh, to each his own. I personally don't do it, but I've met guys who have.
  • My cousin owns a nail salon and she says she has just as many male clients as female clients. It is not the least bit weird. (Southern California) Maybe it depends on where you live.
  • Personally, I find that a bit weird...maybe not weird, just not something that happens a lot. I don't know any man who gets his nails done. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it at all, but just. Yeah.
  • I am a girl and I definitely think it is wierd. I personally would never go out with a guy who goes to a salon and get his nails done. I dont even go to the salon to get my nails done.
  • I saw a guy in a nail salon the other day and to tell you the truth the first thing i thought was "is that guy gay" so i would have to say it's a little weird for a guy to get his nails done. Well at salon just ask a very close friend thats a girl to do them for you cause if people don't know why your there they will most often think the worst.
  • No, not at all. In fact, many women wish their men would get their nails done (especially toes) because guy's hands and feet are more often than not in pretty bad shape (meaning NOT attractive at all). My wife works at a nail salon and her business is from about 25% male clients now. Many get pedicures and even a few get polish (it appears to be the latest thing for guys). If a guy takes better care of himself, it says that he cares, and many women do notice this. I guess if you're a guy and you're too self-conscious to do something like this to help make yourself more attractive to women, then I guess you may just miss out on the women who like that in their men.
  • well, i dont know sometimes they are considered gay but o nly if their fashion freaks to
  • I think if they are a professional wearing a suit during the week it looks nice.
  • No, at the salon I go to there is always a lot of men ahving their nails done and they are usually the men from the oil rigs up north tha come home for their two weeks off and they get themselves groomed as the oil is enbedded under their nails.
  • To answer your question, no, I don't think it's weird, and I wouldn't ever think less of a guy that did it. BUT I personally am much more attracted to rougher, working, "mechanic" type hands than I am clean and soft "salesperson" type hands. That's just my personal preference though :) Good question! +3

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