• A fist to the face...I'm assuming you're in highschool.
  • Why would you bother lowering yourself to that level? They are just trying to get a rise out of you - and ignoring them will starve them of the attention they so desperately crave. You are permitted a little laugh to yourself and a small head shake from side to side as you walk away. That's all.
  • reply with..... I would insult you back but Mother Natures has already done such a fine job, I just couldn't compete. then calmly walk away
  • If they say that you are ugly, calmly say I can always fix that, but I doubt you will ever be able to fix your nasty personality. Although, I do like saying "I wish your dad had pulled out." hahahaha
  • Funny you should call me an ugly bitch, your daddy likes to call me princess and other beautiful names, while he is dry humping my leg.
  • A slap would work
  • There's always: "If you're trying to improve the world, you should start with yourself. Nothing needs more help than you do!" Or else, how about: "Excuse me - I think you have me confused with someone who actually gives a shit about what you have to say!"
  • Ignoring would be the best comeback but if you can't hold your tongue try this, "Im a lot better than what you have to look at in the mirror every morning" Or you could try this much worse oldie "I thought I said goodbye to you this morning when I flushed the toilet" or better yet "at least everyone doesn't call me a whore behind my back"
  • not caring what they think usually get people pretty pissed off.
  • Laughing at them, ignoring them or say "That's not what you said when you trying to get laid last night"
  • awww thankyou!! would be a good response

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