• He should stand trial and go through the same legal processes we are all entitled to.
  • He must be Killed.But there there will be total chaos in the world especially U.S if he is killed...
  • I think he should get his own chat show.
  • Buried. Most experts believe he is already dead.
  • i think he should be burried alive
  • tied naked to a tree in a cattle field, honey pured down his front... those cows will love the honey. *horribly morbid, I know. But too many friends and family were killed on 9/11.
  • chop his head open
  • A very slow agonizing death.
  • He should be treated with the same respect that he has for others. Sadly he would be cared for beyond what he deserves!
  • He should go to a world court and dealt with accordingly.
  • have him tried in NYC superior court, then have the bus drive him to the prison where they can administer the lethal injection, cremate the body and dump the ashes in the Saundi Desert. Should have every thing done by noon. Lunch on me.
  • I agree that he should be tried for murder in a public trial. He should be tried for each crime and should face as many of his victims as necessary, no matter how long it takes. If the U.S. is willing to spend $25,000,000 for a reward, it should be willing to devote whatever resources are necessary to this healing process. Everything should be open and above board as a witness to the world that our system of justice, thought not perfect, is far superior to his warped philosophy of retribution. Bore him to death with endless trials.
  • let me have him. i'll take head off, slowly, and place it on a stake at ground zero.
  • Check this out.
  • Maybe a trial?
  • Waterboard him, so he tells all. Then more American lives will be saved.
  • He should be tried before the International Court of Justice. I'm not sure though if that's under the jurisdiction of the World Court.
  • a fair trial and a life sentence in solitary..DO NOT EXICUTE him as then he becomes a martyr and thats the last thing you want him to be
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Well, that didn't happen.
  • We should force him to watch American Idle.
  • They should announce that he will be dropped off in time square at a specific time and date and let the people of New York do whatever they want with him. Putting the event on Pay per view might make a few bucks as well and could boost the economy with some of the money going to the families of the vicitims. I'd get Don King to work it all out.
  • He should be put on trial for each person who was killed in 9/11 and since by his organization. If not murder, consecutive sentences for conspiracy will put him away. He WILL have to be totally isolated from EVERYONE else (he would have less chance than child molestors) before, during, and after trial. How would YOU like to be the Osama bin Laden's public defender? GEEZE! For the fun thought, he should be forced to eat bacon and ham every day, and tend to pigs, slopping them, and cleaning up their pens for the rest of his life.
  • Put him in a radio controlled airplane with pigs and dogs aboard and smash it into a mosque....BTW Che Guevara was a person that started out with the right intentions but got lost along the way and became a thug and a Marxist murderer that helped kill hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent civilians for just not thinking the communist way! He died a coward's death in Bolivia begging and crying on his knees like a baby, willing to turn in all his "Comrades" to save his sorry ass!...I spit on his grave because he could have been a so much better person!
  • He won't be caught. He didn't have anything to do with 9/11. Do I really have to provide a link?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      He was kinda caught. Last time anyone saw him he was being dumped overboard and fed to the fishes.
  • Life goes on. My 2 cents.
  • He should be tried and sentenced appropriately... ...and don't forget, his terrorist organization is still in operation... we should be thankful for those who work to protect us and keep us all safe, instead of forgetting about his group and believing there is no threat... Bin Ladens tape right after 9/11 for anyone who has forgotten - and an interview with his son on the subject of 9/11...
  • Didn`t they execute him about 6 years ago?
    • mushroom
      He was shot by the Seal Team Six raid in Pakistan in 2011 and then dispatched from the USS Carl Vinson down to Davy Jones' Locker wrapped in iron chains..
  • thats up to whoever catches him

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