• Not as a rule, but I do buy her GEAR for Search and Rescue work that she does! The nice leather harness I would LIKE to get her is probably going to cost me between $75 and $150 because Hannah is smaller than most tracking least smaller than the Bloodhounds and full blooded GSD's. She is a Shepsky, a second generation, crossbred GSD/Husky mix that is only about 18 inches at the shoulder and about 45 pounds! lol The harness she currently wears for tracking was about $50.00 and the long line was about $15.00. This photo has her in her old harness, I haven't had a shot of her in the more recent and expensive one yet! The one I'd like to get might have to be custom made, since she is substantially smaller than the run of the mill SAR dog. Maybe the second photo looks more GSD?
  • NO, I would not embarrass my dog that way, she would bite me in the butt, if I ever tried that, LOL
  • Pffffft! Hell no! I don't paint their toenails, either. My dogs are Australian shepherds and Goldens. I don't do fru-fru dogs. It just isn't my thing. +5
  • Ugh... God no!! People that do that should be sent to a work camp or something somewhere.
  • Poor animals... If they could speak, they would be like WTF! Please help me! To a certain extent, Im certain that if you breathe on your windows, you'll probably see little paw printed words that read in Dog: "Please... She is trying to dress me again, call the cops."
  • Yes, lots of them. My dog have more clothes then i do.
  • Nope just a set of Antlers on Christmas.
  • He has a halloween T-Shirt with glow in the dark cats on it When it comes to taking it off he goes nuts
  • No, but I have thought about it.
  • Cmon now, thats just a waste of money.
  • It's my belief buying clothing for a dog is completely rediculous. Why not use the money that you would use to purchase your dog's(who is covered in it's own fur) clothing, and put it towards a charity for children in need of food, shelter, and clothing.

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